Luxurious Custom Wine Cellar Design for a High-end Home in West Vancouver

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Luxurious Custom Wine Cellar Design for a High-End Home in West Vancouver

Luxurious Custom Wine Cellar Design for a High-End Home in West Vancouver

A homeowner in West Vancouver wanted to build a custom wine cellar utilizing wood for the racking material. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars were pleased to work on this project. The challenge was to meet the high expectations of the client, being an expert in the interior design industry. With extensive experience and creativity in building wine cellars, they were able to provide all of the requirements of the owner.

Building a Personalized Residential Wine Cellar for an Interior Designer

At Custom Wine Cellars Vancouver, we work with Blue Grouse Wine Cellars in providing practical yet exceptional wine storage solutions. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars have been in the construction industry for 20 years, serving clients within Canada.

They guide our clients to help them transform a spare room into an impressive wine storage facility. They assess the client’s needs so they can create a design that will suit their budget, space, and aesthetic requirements.

Recently, an interior designer in West Vancouver approached them to seek a little help in building a custom wine cellar in their luxurious home.

Combination of Traditional and Modern Design for a High-End Home

CAD Drawing of Traditional Custom Wood Wine Cellar in West Vancouver

CAD Drawing of Traditional Custom Wood Wine Cellar in West Vancouver

The room used for this project is like a hallway. It is 96” high, 102” wide, and 87 1/2“ long. The area looks like a cathedral because the ceiling in the middle is higher than the ceiling of the sidewalls. The metal chandelier hanging from the ceiling added a European appeal to the space.

There are two long walls, with a door on both ends of the room. The owner chose the door for this wine cellar.

Assessment of the Client’s Needs

Wine Cellar in Alder Wood with Dark Brown Stain and Chandelier

Wine Cellar in Alder Wood with Dark Brown Stain and Chandelier

The first step in constructing a traditional wine cellar is to know the specific needs of the customer. There are questions that the builders need to answer to help them create a design that will suit the client’s needs.

On this project, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars needed the following information:

  • how the owner buys her wines (by the bottle or in bulk)
  • the sizes of bottles that the client intend to be store and display
  • the overall appeal that the owner wants for her wine cellar

Stylish Wine Rack Features

After obtaining the important details from the owner, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars suggested custom features to be incorporated into the racking design.

They were able to determine the most suitable type of bottle orientations, lighting system, racking material, and flooring. The racking styles on both walls are the same to achieve symmetry.

When choosing a material for the wine racks, your builder must complement the existing home décor and know the aesthetic preference of the owner. On this project, the single-family home has a luxurious interior design. The owner wanted an old-world look, so Blue Grouse Wine Cellars chose the type of wood that would achieve this.

Characteristics of Knotty Alder

Custom Wood Wine Rack Design with Rectangular Bins for Wood Cases and Diamond Bins for Bulk Storage Made from Alder

Custom Wood Wine Rack Design with Rectangular Bins for Wood Cases and Diamond Bins for Bulk Storage Made from Alder

To blend well with the classic theme of the home, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars decided to use Knotty Alder for the wine racks.

This wood species is known for its beautiful knots and clusters. They applied the wood with a deep brown stain and did not use lacquer, bringing out the rustic appeal in wine racks.

Knotty Alder is also highly resistant to rot and mildew, making it an ideal material for wine cellars equipped with a cooling system. With proper care, wine racks constructed from this wood can store and display your collection for many years.

Innovative Storage Solution for the Expansion of a Wine Cellar in a Canada Home

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Custom Wine Cellar Design Canada

Custom Wine Cellar Design Canada

One of the common problems faced by wine collectors is not having enough space for additional bottles. Vintage Cellars, one of our wine cellar dealers, completed an installation project in Canada. They had to add more wine storage slots for the client’s growing collection.

Modern Wine Cellar Design for a Growing Collection

It is common for wine room builders to encounter challenges along the way. A company that has extensive experience in wine cellar construction will be able to meet all of your specific requirements despite facing some problems.

Vintage Cellars designs and installs custom residential wine cellars. They make sure that every design suits the space and style of each client. They offer durable wine racks, efficient cooling systems, attractive flooring, and stylish doors at a great value.

Expansion of the Wine Room

In 2003, they completed the first installation of their client’s home wine cellar in Canada. The room provided an area for storing 1,100 bottles. Years later, the owner requested Vintage Cellars to create a new design that would increase the storage capacity of the existing wine rack system.

In 2018, the expansion was completed. What they did was to expand the room and add more bottle openings. They needed to double the capacity of the cellar because the owner loves to buy wines in bulk.

They also combined several racking configurations to allow for storage of both standard and large format bottles. The finished wine cellar could store 1,624 bottles after the expansion.

Contemporay Wine Cellar Design Canada Master Builders

Contemporay Wine Cellar Design Canada Master Builders

Innovative and Stylish Features of the Wine Rack System

Canada Installation Project Sapele Mahogany Wine Racks

Canada Installation Project Sapele Mahogany Wine Racks

The home of the client was built with mostly glass and wood elements. The furniture and cabinetry were manufactured from Sapele Mahogany.

On this project, Vintage Cellars used the same material to complement the existing décor of the home.

Characteristics of Sapele Mahogany

Attractive Sapele Mahogany Wooden Wine Racks

Attractive Sapele Mahogany Wooden Wine Racks

Sapele Mahogany exhibits a medium to reddish brown color. When stained, this wood species looks more appealing. This material was the perfect choice for the custom wine racks because the client wanted an odor-free storage space for his collection. Additionally, it is more stable and durable than African Mahogany or Red Oak.

The architect and contractor of the home provided Vintage Cellars with a palette to match all the woodwork in the client’s space.

After evaluating all of the needs and requirements for this project, 3-dimensional drawings were created. These showed the elevations, plan views, bottle capacities, and dimensions of the room.

Vintage Cellars started the installation after the owner approved the CAD images of the finished wine cellar.

1st Elevation

Diamond Bins and Coved Trays Canada Custom Wine Racks

Diamond Bins and Coved Trays Canada Custom Wine Racks

Upon entering this beautiful home wine cellar in Canada, the first area of the room consists of diamond bins in the middle section and single storage racks at the top. When they buy wines in bulk, the clients used to place their bottles in these areas. They really didn’t know what their needs were.

This racking unit, which can be found on the right wall, was constructed with a solid panel. Vintage Cellars opened up more space for a wider display area. They removed the original vertical supports and put new beam supports up to help the wine rack bear the load.

They also added coved trays to add visual appeal to the design. Each tray can store two large format bottles in two various heights. The bottles are placed horizontally, showing the wine labels. LED lights were installed above the coved trays to highlight the area.

The cabinetry below the tabletop consists of drawers that can store other wine accessories, such as bottle opener, stemware, and some bottles for decanting.

2nd Elevation

Wine Racks Mini Car Collection Custom Display with LGlass Shelves and Lighting

Wine Racks Mini Car Collection Custom Display with LGlass Shelves and Lighting

Construction of a Unique Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Vancouver, Canada

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Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, a trusted wine storage contractor, recently completed a construction project in Vancouver, Canada. The client wanted a wine room built in his home. He wanted to store wines and other types of liquor in the structure. The builders used Redwood in creating the wooden racks and shelves. The cooling unit was installed by HVAC professionals from Arctic Metalworks Inc.

Beautiful Lacquer Finished Redwood for the Wine Racks and Wooden Storage Cases

Click for a larger image!

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars built this one-of-a-kind residential storage room for a client in Vancouver, Canada.

The type of wood used in the construction of any wine storage space determines the structure’s durability and aesthetic value. There are various kinds of wood species on the market. Among the most popular materials are Walnut, Pine, Redwood, Sapele, and Mahogany. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers wine rooms made from all of these wood types.

Learn more about the different kinds of materials used for building wooden wine storage structures. Click here!

The team of expert builders from Coastal, together with the client, decided to use Redwood for the construction of the cellar racks and shelves. Redwood is a good choice because it is one of the most durable wood species used in wine cellar construction. The material is known for having natural oils that help protect it from moisture and mildew. Redwood is a popular choice also because of its aesthetic qualities. The wood has distinct earth tone colors that develop beautifully over time.

Click for a larger image!

Lacquer finished Redwood used for the wine racks and shelves.

Cellar owners can choose to keep their Redwood unstained or unfinished, because the material looks gorgeous even without any stain or finish. But the client in the Vancouver wine room construction project wanted his wooden racks and shelves to be lacquer finished. He consulted the experts from Coastal, and they agreed to apply lacquer on the wood.

It is very important to consult a wine storage specialist regarding the application of stains and finishes on any wood type. Although there are various kinds of finishes on the market, like shellac, polyurethane, lacquer, and varnish, not all of these options are compatible with all wood species.

Lacquer is a popular choice not only because it is durable, but also because it provides an elegant gloss to the wood that it is applied to. The team of builders from Coastal applied a lacquer finish on the cellar’s wooden racks and shelves as per the request of the client. The lacquer made the Redwood’s colors bolder and more enhanced. The client was very pleased with the result.

Trust only a professional for the application of a stain or finish on your wooden racks and shelves. Find a wine storage specialist by clicking here!

Coastal Designs Custom Wooden Shelves and Single Bottle Wine Racking

The success of the Vancouver residential cellar construction project was mainly because the client and the builder openly contributed ideas for the design of the structure. It was the client who suggested the installation of the wooden storage cases on commercial rollers. The setup helped the boxes become more accessible to the client. Every time he wanted to get a bottle from the cases, he simply pulled the shelves out by sliding them across the rollers.

Coastal Completes a Residential Custom Wine Cellar Construction Project in Vancouver

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A client from Vancouver, Canada hired Coastal Custom Wine Cellars to build him a uniquely designed storage structure that can hold bottles of various sizes.

Ideally, a wine cellar should not only be functional and dependable. It should also be beautifully designed. The structure will display prized wine collections, and it is only fitting that it is built elegantly. Recently, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of the most trusted builders in the industry, completed a residential wine storage room construction project in Vancouver. The team of experts made sure that the home cellar was capable of providing the airtight space that wines need. They also made sure that the structure is designed according to the client’s style and preference. 

Beautifully Designed Home Wine Room Built by Coastal in Vancouver

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars recently completed a construction project in Vancouver, Canada. The client wanted a wine room built in his home. The storage structure should be able to accommodate wine bottles of various sizes. Coastal’s team of expert builders made sure that all of the client’s requirements were met.

Distinct Racking and Custom Wine Displays for Large Format Bottles 

The client wanted his residential wine cellar to store not only wine, but also other types of beverages. He planned to have a space in his storage room designated for his Bourbon collection. To meet this requirement, Coastal’s construction team added open bins on the cellar’s right side. These bins were allocated for storing liquor other than wine.

Click here for larger image!

Besides his prized wines, the client also wanted his Bourbon collection to be stored in his residential wine cellar. Coastal’s team of builders created a display area for storing other types of liquor rather than wine.

A display row was created on the left side of the custom cellar to store larger wine bottles. The construction team designed them with label-forward spaces, so that bottles can be safely cradled in the shelves. The racks can fit a wide array of bottle sizes, anywhere from 1.5 liter to 12-liter wines. The cellar’s left and right sides have shelves that can accommodate magnum-sized bottles. The style of the racks in this Vancouver home wine cellar is ideal for wine enthusiasts who have an assortment of bottle sizes in their collection.

Click here for larger image!

The residential wine cellar has a tabletop with a lovely arch above it. Inset spaces were added on the arch’s left and right sides, so that the client can hang his wine glasses in them. Below the tabletop area is a set of drawers where the client stored his wine tasting rudiments.

Above the wine room’s tabletop area is a gorgeous arch. Instead of a stemware rack, the arch has an inset on both its left and right sides. Each of the inset spaces is designed to hold up to four wine glasses. The client can simply hang his wine glasses, upside down, on either the left or right side of the arch. Moreover, a set of drawers is found below the tabletop. The client keeps his wine tasting essentials (e.g. napkins and corkscrews) inside these drawers.

One of the features of this custom wine cellar that makes it spectacular is its lighting. Besides the rich and vibrant lights that brighten the room, concealed lighting also adds a stylish accent to the racking and makes the displays elegantly pop out.

The reason why this construction project was a success, was the healthy working relationship between the client and the builder. Even before the project commenced, there was thorough planning and open communication. The client’s home was near the main office of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. The proximity allowed the storage experts to visit the area more conveniently, so that they could take accurate measurements of the room, discuss with the client his options, present wood finish samples, etc. All of the client’s needs and design preferences were met from the beginning of the project until its completion.

Have a wine cellar specialist create a unique custom wine cellar design for you. Find an expert today by clicking here!

Fabulous Vancouver Custom Wine Cellar Design with Wood and Metal Racking

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Construction challenges did not stop a professional from building a wine cellar. Known as one of the top-notch designers and installers in Vancouver, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars was able to design and install a unique and functional wine room in a basement. Traditional and modern features were combined to meet the client’s requirements.

Conversion of a Basement Into an Impressive Custom Wine Cellar

Wooden Wine Racking with Bottles and Wood Cases -

Metal and Wooden Wine Racking Vancouver Installation Project

With extensive experience in building wine rooms, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars offers storage solutions for those who dream of having a safe and beautiful place for their collection.

Recently, they have converted a large basement into a traditional and contemporary custom wine cellar in Vancouver.

After a careful assessment of the client’s aesthetic and functional requirements, they created 3-dimensional drawings of the wine cellar. The images show the plan views, elevations, and dimensions of the room.

Wine Cellar Construction

Wine Cellar Room Before Construction Began

Wine Cellar Room Before Construction Began

The original room had a heavy pool table and a couple of wine cabinets that had to be transferred upstairs. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars had to replace the old drywall with a new type of drywall intended for a climate-controlled wine room.

They had to add insulation on the walls and ceiling. The hidden room under the stairs, which can be accessed through a tiny door, had to be insulated as well because it will be used as an additional wine storage space.

Another challenge for Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is the window, which opened to the outdoors. They had to build a wall in front of it to prevent harmful light from coming through. After sealing the room, they started to install the wine racks, cooling system, door, lighting, and flooring.

Wood and metal wine racks were used to satisfy the client’s desire for a traditional and contemporary storage area. The wine room has two doors: one enters the residential wine cellar from the basement hallway and the other from the outdoors. They are both solid, exterior grade doors.

Sapele Wood and VintageView Metal Wine Racks

The appeal and mood of a wine room are determined by the overall design of the racking system. At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, they make sure that the material and style of wine racks exceed the owner’s standards. They use their passion and creativity to build custom wine rooms that can be the envy of every guest.

In this wine room conversion project, wood and metal wine racks were combined to create a storage display that suits the needs of a high-end wine collector.

Stylish Wine Racks Constructed from Sapele Wood

Custom wine cellar builders in Vancouver recommend the Sapele wood wine racks because of their stability and high resistance to rot. Since Sapele is a hardwood species that has interlocking grain pattern, it is known to be harder than other types of wood. It is also widely used by manufacturers of doors and windows.

With attractive grain patterns and natural luster, Sapele can add character to your wine storage room. They left the wine racks unfinished because the owner wanted a scent-free cellar.

Elevations B

Quarter Round Display Shelf and Racking with Wine Bottles Loaded in

Beautiful Wine Rack Design with Sapele Wood

Elevation B is the first racking that you’ll see when you enter the door from the basement hallway. It starts with a 5-level quarter round wine rack where the client can display a few bottles vertically.

It also provides a good storage area for wine accessories like decanters and wine glasses.

Finished New Jersey Wine Cellar Project

New Jersey Wine Cellar Shows How to Improve a Niche

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Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Vancouver has always prided itself as being one of the best wine cellar specialists not just in Canada, but also in the US completed New Jersey wine cellar. We decided to spotlight this certain project here since it showed how versatile our team is

New Jersey Wine Cellar Before Niche Transformation

This is area for the New Jersey wine cellar before the transformation of niche.

Just how difficult was this particular project for them? Well, the area in question was a small niche that was located in between the client’s dining area and kitchen (pictured here). Now, you would likely think that this space would be a very difficult area to fashion a wine cellar into, and you would be correct about that. However, the client had put so much faith in the team that they willingly committed themselves to finding a solution agreeable to both parties. Below is how they went about it.

Creating a Useful “Niche”

The niche that was between the dining and the kitchen area may appear to be just “there”, with no particular function, but it clearly served a purpose for the client: it housed a mini-cellar cabinet, which meant he was already eyeing the space to house a wine cellar.

After a lengthy consultation with the client on what he was looking for in a wine cellar, the Custom Wine Cellars Vancouver team then took precise measurements that would allow his 632 (and counting) wine bottle collection to fit in such a modest space.

New Jersey Wine Cellar 3D Blueprint

This is the 3D blueprint for the New Jersey wine cellar.

Building a Beautiful Canada Home Wine Cellar Using Cost-Effective Modular Wine Racks

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Are you facing a dilemma of choosing between a modular racking system and a custom wine cellar? If you are looking for an economical wine storage solution that can create a custom-like display for your collection, experts recommend modular wine racks. A client in Coquitlam, British Columbia, contacted Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to build a unique home wine cellar that would be as beautiful as a custom wine room.

A Home Wine Cellar Design Created to Store, Protect, and Display a Growing Collection

Metro Vancouver Canada home wine cellarEvery wine collector has different aesthetic and functional requirements. Thus, it is essential that your chosen builder make a careful assessment of the size and location of the room, financial requirements, and the number of bottles intended to be stored.

When creating a design for their clients, the Blue Grouse Wine Cellars team always does it with passion and creativity. This helpsthem achieve a turnkey solution that will make the homeowner happy for years to come.

With extensive experience in wine cellar construction, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has built stunning wine cellars in Canada. One of their recent projects was in Coquitlam, which is a city in the lower mainland of British Columbia and a municipality that comprises metro Vancouver.

Cost-Effective Solution for the Serious Wine Collector

About 3 years ago, the owners did not have a dedicated storage space for their wines. They had a few modular wine racks, which they bought from Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to accommodate their growing collection.

They purchased additional modular wine racks to match their existing storage system. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars supplied and installed it in a utility space located in the lower level of the owner’s home. This type of service (supply and installation) is available for customers even if they already have a contractor for their home building project.

In this installation project, the wine room is 7 square feet, which was designed to accommodate 680 bottles.

Features of the Modular Racking System

Modular California Redwood Wine Cellar Racks

Modular California Redwood Wine Cellar Racks

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars consulted with the contractor to help ensure that the wine room was built according the functional requirements of the client and matched the theme of the home.

For wine collectors who want to have an elegant home wine cellar without going beyond their budget, master builders recommend modular wine racks. Modular racking is also a great option for a growing collection. Unlike custom wine racks, this storage option allows for easy expansion of one’s collection.

Combining Wine Rack Styles and Adding an Eco-Friendly Feature

Canada Wine Cellar Backsplash Made from Reclaimed Wine Barrel

Canada Wine Cellar Backsplash Made from Reclaimed Wine Barrel

In every wine cellar project, the designers of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars make sure that they create the design with passion and according to the client’s personal preferences. In this Canada home wine cellar, different racking configurations were combined to achieve a custom-like wine storage display.

The left and right walls consist of diamond storage bins at the bottom and individual slots at the top section. The diamond bins are for storing bottles in bulk.

There are high reveal display rows on both walls, which allow for highlighting some of the client’s favorite vintages. The back wall is the focal point of this wine room.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars added a countertop area to provide an area for serving and decanting wine. Additionally, it can also serve as an additional space for displaying a few bottles, decanters, stemware, and other essential accessories. Below the countertop are the diamond wine racks and single bottle storage slots.

How to Repair a Wine Storage Cooling Unit That is Leaking Freon

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Licensed HVAC professionals are the only ones capable of providing quality services for wine cellar cooling equipment. Whether it’s installing, maintaining, or repairing a wine storage cooling system, an HVAC expert should be hired. A client from Irvine, California is a good example for other wine collectors to follow. When the client found that their wine room refrigeration unit was leaking refrigerant, they called M&M Cellar Systems for help.

Client in Irvine, Orange County Sought the Help of HVAC Technicians from M&M Cellar Systems

When a residential wine cellar owner in Irvine noticed that their cooling unit was leaking, they immediately called M&M Cellar Systems, a trusted wine storage cooling expert in California. A team of licensed HVAC professionals from the company went to the client’s residence to inspect the problem, and they found that their refrigeration system was leaking Freon.

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This wine cooling unit in a residential wine cellar in Irvine, California was leaking Freon. A team of wine cooling technicians from M&M Cellar Systems went to repair the leak. Learn more about M&M Cellar Systems by checking them out on Facebook!

The HVAC Repair Team Located the Leak Site to Fix it

Generally, when a wine cellar cooling unit is leaking Freon, it does not stop functioning immediately. The damage is gradual, and that is why refrigerant leaks are not noticeable until the entire refrigeration system has finally broken down. With the Irvine client, their cooling unit was still functioning properly, but it was not going to continue to do so if the leak was not repaired immediately.

To repair the cooling unit properly, the HVAC team had to find the exact location of the leak first. The cooling specialists used the UV Light Leak Detection Method. In this procedure, the technicians injected a dye into the cooling system. The dye was allowed to circulate through the refrigeration unit for about a month, and exit through the leak sites with the refrigerant.

Through the leak detection procedure, the team found that the leak was located inside the wine storage climate control unit. To repair the hole, they had to disassemble the unit. Once they gained access to the leak, they applied a can of stop leak to seal the problem.

Recovering and Reusing the Lost Freon

There are two known solutions to fix Freon leaks. The first way is by replacing the entire evaporator coil. Although this is a common practice, it is very costly to perform. The alternative method, which is less expensive, is draining out the Freon, sealing the leak, and recycling the Freon into the cooling system.

In the Irvine refrigeration unit repair project, the cooling experts decided to remove the Freon from the climate control system and seal the leak. They also made sure that the recovered refrigerant was kept clean and away from contaminants so that they could reuse it. To seal the hole, the team applied a can of stop leak. When the problem was completely repaired, they added back the recycled refrigerant into the cooling unit.

When the HVAC technicians recovered and reused the refrigerant, they made sure that no Freon was released into the air. Freon is harmful to the environment. Studies show that it can cause damage to the atmosphere.

The team of refrigeration experts had to come back a month after the repair to evaluate the effectiveness of the stop leak. When they did, they found that the problem was successfully fixed, because no refrigerant was leaking anymore. Consequently, the client was satisfied with the team’s service.

Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Los Angeles – Service Call Refrigerant Leak – Part Four

Only a Licensed HVAC Specialist Should be Trusted with Your Wine Storage Cooling Unit

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Wine cellar cooling experts from M&M Cellar Systems. The team inspected the leaking cooling unit in Irvine, and they repaired the problem promptly. Find a licensed HVAC professional today by contacting M&M Cellar Systems. Find them on Google + by clicking here!

Leak Detection in Wine Cellar Cooling Units

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A team of HVAC experts from M&M Cellar Systems went to the residence of a wine storage owner in Irvine, Orange County. The team inspected the reported problem with the cellar’s cooling unit.

A recent repair project in Irvine, California for M&M Cellar Systems found a wine cellar cooling unit leaking refrigerant. The client was fortunate to have the leak repaired promptly, avoiding irreparable damage. This project demonstrates the importance of having a regular maintenance plan for your wine cellar refrigeration system to prevent problems like this.

M&M Cellar Systems HVAC Experts Detect Freon Leaking from a Cellar Cooling Unit

M&M Cellar Systems recently completed a repair project in Irvine, a city located prominently in Orange County, California. A client called for a team of HVAC professionals to fix their leaking wine cellar cooling equipment. Initially, the team had to determine where the leak was located exactly. Among the various methods of detecting Freon leak, the team used the Ultraviolet Light Leak Detection Method.

An HVAC technician injected a UV detectable dye into the cooling system. The dye was allowed to circulate thoroughly for a month. Then, he came back to check where the dye was exiting to identify the leak location. The leak was found inside the refrigeration unit.

The team had to completely disassemble the equipment to gain access to the problem and repair it accordingly.

3 Effective Methods of Refrigerant Leak Detection

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The HVAC professionals used the UV Light Detection Method in locating the Freon leak in this Irvine wine cellar refrigeration equipment. Find M&M Cellars on Yelp by clicking here!

A wine cellar cooling unit cannot function properly without refrigerant. A refrigerant is the one responsible for creating the cool air that refrigeration units provide. Freon is one of the most popular refrigerants used in most cooling equipment.

Freon is a collective trade name for a number of compounds that are used as refrigerants in cooling units. When placed in room temperature, Freon turns to gas. It goes back to liquid form when placed in a cooler temperature or when compressed.

A refrigerant is a vital element of an effective wine cellar cooling system. If a refrigeration unit is losing refrigerant through a leak, it can gradually stop functioning. This is why it is necessary that you have a regular cooling system maintenance plan, so that you can detect problems with your equipment and be able to have it fixed immediately. Problems such as Freon leaks need to be detected early and repaired promptly; otherwise the damage could worsen and the repair could become more costly.

The 5 Benefits of Wine Fridges and the 5 Best Brands to Choose From

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Wine fridges are a wine collector’s best friend when it comes to an affordable and efficient wine storage solution. It’s easier to organize wine bottles using wine fridges. With the many styles and sizes to choose from, wine fridges can offer the wine storage abilities you are looking for.

Wine fridges are also known as wine cabinets. Unlike regular refrigerators, wine fridges are equipped with the right equipment and climate conditions for proper wine aging.

So, why choose a wine fridge?

Here are the 5 benefits of wine fridges:

Wine Fridges are Functional

Wine fridges operate in a practical way, thanks to the simplicity of their construction; every part of the equipment serves its purpose.

Wine fridges can be space savers. They are available in various sizes and bottle capacities, to suit your storage needs.

Wine Fridge Selection

Wine Fridge Selection

Storage capacity is maximized with wine fridges. Most models can store different sizes of wine bottles, so you will not be limited to just one bottle size in your collection.

Wine fridges can also be incorporated into the cabinetry design of your home. They are easy to mix and match, and blend well with various cabinetry materials.

Wine Fridges are Efficient

Efficiency is one of the assets of wine fridges. Compared to regular refrigerators, wine fridges are specifically designed to ensure the optimum aging of wines.

Wine fridges are equipped with cooling systems that maintain the ideal wine storage environment. Temperature and humidity are the two critical factors that most affect wine aging. With the help of cooling systems, temperature and humidity levels are constantly maintained.

Single or Dual Temperature Option - Vinopro Wine Fridges

Single or Dual Temperature Option – Vinopro Wine Fridges

Wine fridges with dual temperature zones allow efficient wine cooling specifically for red wines and white wines. Red wines are stored within the temperature range of 16 to 20 degrees Celsius, while white wines are stored within the temperature range of 6 to 12 degrees Celsius.

Some wine fridges have alarm systems, which send signals when there is a significant deviation in the temperature or humidity levels. This gives you an assurance that your wines will always be in good condition.

Wine fridges are energy savers as well. Trusted brands of wine fridges are designed with an energy-saving mechanism that can help lessen the cost of electricity usage.

Wine Fridges are Stylish

Wine fridges come in various styles, sizes, and colors. There are wooden wine fridges, aluminum walled wine fridges, all glass door wine fridges, and different finishes to choose from (see examples below).

There are half size and full size options. Some brands of wine fridges are available in different depths, like the Wine KoolR’s single deep and double deep-format wine fridges.

Stylish Le Cache Wine Fridges

Stylish Le Cache Wine Fridges

For some brands, you can choose different shelving configurations and wine fridge frame and panel colors, like that of EuroCave wine fridges (see examples below).

Wine Fridges are Affordable

For wine collectors on a budget, buying a wine fridge is a great alternative for building your own custom wine cellar.

Vinopro BI-56 Wine Fridges

Spend as little as $749 (see Vinopro BI-56 Wine Fridge) to $5,000 for a wine fridge, depending on your wine storage capacity needs and design preferences.

Wine Fridges are Durable

Wine fridges are ideal for long-term wine storage, as long as you choose a high quality brand. Top-of-the-line materials and technology are now being used to produce impressively functional and sturdy wine fridges.