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Choosing the right wine storage solution for your wine collection is very important. Every wine enthusiast knows how sensitive wine is, and if the necessary conditions are not met in its storage, the wine will be damaged.

Custom Wine Cellars Vancouver is the place to find tips and other information on the best wine cellars in Canada. Whether the wine cellar you want is a residential or commercial type, this is the place to find what you need.

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Wine Cellars in Canada by Blue Grouse

Custom Wine Cellars Vancouver works in partnership with Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, a wine storage solutions company in Canada that is dedicated and highly professional in providing quality services to its clients for 20 years. The company is based in British Columbia.

About Blue Grouse Wine Cellars

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Blue Grouse Wine Cellar – Wine Cellar Designer & Builder

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars offers quality wine storage solutions for homeowners and entrepreneurs. They also provide wine storage products and services for wine cellar builders in Canada. Moreover, their products and services are all very cost-efficient.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has a wide network of affiliates and contacts, which enables them to meet their clients’ needs. They also have a very accommodating and professional customer service team that can cater to the clients’ inquiries and other concerns.

Quality Wine Storage Solutions

Your wine collection deserves nothing but the best. Not only should you look for durable and efficient wine storage solutions, but make sure that the products are look beautiful and worth flaunting to your guests as well.

Custom wine racks in Vancouver, Canada

Custom Wine Cellars in Canada by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars

A good custom wine cellar is able to protect your beloved wines effectively. Every detail should therefore be covered, from vapor barriers to insulation, wine racks to lighting, and wine cellar doors to wine cellar cooling units. Each and every detail of your wine storage room should be planned and be of the best quality materials and products. A single error in the design and construction of your custom wine cellar can potentially ruin your entire wine collection.

Wine Cellars and Wine Racks

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Blue Grouse Wine Cellars offers both residential wine cellars and commercial wine cellars in Canada. They also provide you with the option of either modular or custom wine cellars. They design and construct wine cellars according to clients’ preferences. They have a wide array of wood options for your cellars too. Have your custom wine cellar designed for free by their professionals.

Their wine racks can be made from metal or wood. Both are durable and efficient options for wine racks. Blue Grouse wooden wine racks are made from the finest wood species available to meet your wine storage needs. They offer 3 main types of wine racking systems, namely: the modular wine rack system, the wall-mounted wine rack system and custom wine racking.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration

Wine cellar cooling systems are necessary for proper wine storage. A custom wine cellar cannot provide the ideal temperature and humidity without a quality wine cellar refrigeration unit.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars also offers wine storage room refrigeration systems at competitive prices. They have an array of wine cellar cooling brands to choose from: WhisperKool, Koolr and CellarPro, to name a few. They also have HVAC professionals who can install refrigeration units into your wine cellar in Canada.


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Holly Peters is a wine expert who loves to write about wines and wine storage essentials. She is the writer behind all the articles and posts on Custom Wine Cellars Vancouver.