Innovative Storage Solution for the Expansion of a Wine Cellar in a Canada Home

When you walk to another area, you will pass by the wine rack that can store 750ml and large size bottles horizontally at the top and bottom sections.

The center of this wine rack, installed on the left wall, has a 2-level shelf designed for displaying the owner’s mini car collection and stylish decanters. To add character to this custom wine display area, Vintage Cellars installed a mirror and lighting at the back.

The wine rack was constructed with a depth of 8 ¼ inches.

3rd Elevation

Home Wine Cellar San Diego with Hook Rolling Ladder

Home Wine Cellar San Diego with Hook Rolling Ladder

In this racking, there were originally six solid backs and twelve coved trays at the topmost section.

There were also existing individual wine racks above and below the angled high reveal display row. There were six existing coved trays that rested on a Sapele Mahogany tabletop.

Added Functionality and Maximized Capacity for a Home Wine Cellar in Canada

Canada Master Builders Wine Rack Design

Canada Master Builders Wine Rack Design

For increased storage capacity, Vintage Cellars added new sections of custom cabinets with scalloped neck supports and new storage openings for individual bottles.

The extended racking in this area has now a total capacity of 34 bottles for custom cabinets and 384 bottles for individual wine racks.

The double-deep tabletop provides extra storage space for decanting wine and storing some wine cellar accessories.

Vintage Cellars made sure that the racking was stable enough to bear the weight of the cabinetry. Therefore, they installed large steel supports under this tabletop.

The client, who buys wines in bulk, did not want the delivered boxes to be stacked in the front area.

He did not want his wine cellar to look untidy. What Vintage Cellars did was to utilize the space below the tabletop to provide space for the boxed wines. This storage solution makes it easier to slip the boxes under the shelf.

4th and 5th Elevations

The topmost section of the racking installed in the wall next to Elevation 3 hides the evaporator in a VC-style cover. Below it are 98 bottle openings that store magnums with the corks facing out.

The last wall refers to Elevation 5 on the drawing. The original racking included eight coved trays with adjustable shelves, four custom cabinet openings with coved trays and solid backs, and one hundred eighty single storage slots.

After the expansion of the wine rack in this area, Vintage Cellars came up with a storage space for 288 individual bottles, 26-bottle custom cabinets, and 18 coved trays.

Work with an Expert in Building a Wine Room

Whether you are in Canada or any part of the United States, Vintage Cellars can help you build a wine cellar for your growing collection. Contact Vintage Cellars today at +1-800-876-8789! Need an expert wine cellar refrigeration and HVAC Air Conditioning Specialist? Contact AC Cool.

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