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Space Constraints Should not Stop You From Building an Eye-Catching Vancouver Commercial Wine Cellar

Salam Bombay Restaurant

The limited space did not stop Blue Grouse Wine Cellars from building a more functional and attractive commercial wine cellar. Custom wine displays like this can be a surefire method for increasing restaurant profits.

Good Presentation of Bottles Can Help Generate Sales

increase in wine salesKeeping wines in boxes or displaying them in ordinary shelves will not encourage people to purchase a bottle or two. This is why the demand for wine cellars is increasing in many restaurants all over the world, including Canada.

For restaurants that offer wine, bottle presentation should not be ignored. Owners must keep in mind that having an attractive display in their restaurant will draw people’s attention and help generate sales. The way you display your wines reflects your personality, and contributes to how consumers will perceive the quality of your products.

When designed by a professional, your commercial wine storage space will create a relaxing ambiance for the diners. It will also ensure that your wines are stored in the right conditions, keeping them from being damaged by temperature fluctuations and improper humidity levels. Selling bad wine will ruin your business’ reputation, and customers may not go back to your restaurant again. Fewer customers will result in less profit.

A Simple Wine Room Transformed into an Appealing Vancouver Commercial Wine Cellar

On Burrard Street in Vancouver, British Columbia, Salam Bombay is the ideal place for wine drinkers who love contemporary Indian cuisine. Diners can choose their favorite vintage from a wide range of red and white wines. There’s also a great selection for Champagne lovers.

Salam Bombay modular wine racks

Modular Wine Racks, the Restaurant’s Old Wine Storage System

The old storage system was very simple, creating no visual impact at all. The wines were displayed in modular wine racks in a small area adjacent to the restaurant’s bar.

The bottles were stored horizontally and vertically in square bins. The labels of most bottles were hidden, making it hard to find a specific type of wine. Making guests wait for their wine will affect the perception your guests have of the quality of your service.

With an aim to generate more sales, the owner, Jose Madappilly, decided to change his small and plain storage area into a more functional and appealing wine room. He talked to one of the leading wine storage experts in Canada, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars.

Having a small space does not mean you can’t have a lovely commercial wine display. Blue Grouse has successfully converted small wine rooms into one-of-a-kind wine cellars.

For this project, they created a contemporary design suitable for the limited space. The room intended for the wine display measures 6 ft. wide, 5 ft. deep, and 9 ft. high.

Wine Rack Features

Wine Racks in Canada & Their Various Kinds

Wine racks in Vancouver, Canada come in various styles, shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. They can be used either for simply displaying wines in your home or for long term wine storage. Wine racks can also be made from various materials.

Learn more about wine racks by reading through this page:

Wooden Wine Racks

A few of the most beautiful types of wine racks in Canada are those made from wood. Wooden wine racks are commonly made from Pine, Oak or Mahogany. Wooden wine racks in Canada can store from a few wine bottles to hundreds and thousands of them.

Wooden wine racks are very classy looking, and there are many stain options to choose from. These kinds of wine racks are durable as long as they are kept in the right conditions.

Modular wine racks in Canada are the best because you can add onto them as your collection grows.

Metal Wine Racks

There are many different kinds of metal wine racks. Those made from brass or stainless steel are the most common. Metal wine racks are the most durable kind. They can last for many years, but you will have to protect it from rust formation for it to remain durable.

Popular Wines Found in Canada Wine Cellars

Canadians love wine. Wine growing and production in the country picked up, especially during the 60’s, when better technology allowed people to have cool-climate grapes. There is a fast-rising market of both wine drinkers and wine collectors in that part of the world, and their tastes tends towards the all-time favorites red such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot which are richer and full-bodied and exciting bottles that originate from Canada itself.

Well-Known Wines Stored in Canada Wine Cellars

Pinot Noir

PINOT NOIR CANADA1Pinot Noir has steadily gained a loyal following, and people have started stocking their wine racks with this wine variety, especially after the movie Sideways came out, and Canadians are no exception.

This wine came from the Burgundy region of France and is a wine variety that goes through a challenging winemaking process making it slightly more pricy when compared to other red wines. But this hasn’t stopped it from being featured in wine cellars all throughout Canada. Pinot Noir is cherished for its delicious hints of cinnamon, and nuances of raspberry, cherry, and strawberry. This wine is best paired with dark meat dishes, as well as chocolate and cheese.



Merlot, which is from the Bordeaux region of France, thrives in cool temperatures. Wine storage for this variety is not a problem in Canada where some regions enjoy cooler climates.

In fact, top wineries in Canada love this wine variety. The fruity flavors and dark blue hue has hints of blueberry, blackberry, and even touches of cocoa. For beginners, it is recommended that they start by storing Merlot in their Canada wine cellars because its subtleness is a great initiation into the world of wine. This red wine is best consumed with shellfish, prawns, and red meat dishes.