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Construction of a Unique Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Vancouver, Canada

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Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, a trusted wine storage contractor, recently completed a construction project in Vancouver, Canada. The client wanted a wine room built in his home. He wanted to store wines and other types of liquor in the structure. The builders used Redwood in creating the wooden racks and shelves. The cooling unit was installed by HVAC professionals from Arctic Metalworks Inc.

Beautiful Lacquer Finished Redwood for the Wine Racks and Wooden Storage Cases

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Coastal Custom Wine Cellars built this one-of-a-kind residential storage room for a client in Vancouver, Canada.

The type of wood used in the construction of any wine storage space determines the structure’s durability and aesthetic value. There are various kinds of wood species on the market. Among the most popular materials are Walnut, Pine, Redwood, Sapele, and Mahogany. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers wine rooms made from all of these wood types.

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The team of expert builders from Coastal, together with the client, decided to use Redwood for the construction of the cellar racks and shelves. Redwood is a good choice because it is one of the most durable wood species used in wine cellar construction. The material is known for having natural oils that help protect it from moisture and mildew. Redwood is a popular choice also because of its aesthetic qualities. The wood has distinct earth tone colors that develop beautifully over time.

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Lacquer finished Redwood used for the wine racks and shelves.

Cellar owners can choose to keep their Redwood unstained or unfinished, because the material looks gorgeous even without any stain or finish. But the client in the Vancouver wine room construction project wanted his wooden racks and shelves to be lacquer finished. He consulted the experts from Coastal, and they agreed to apply lacquer on the wood.

It is very important to consult a wine storage specialist regarding the application of stains and finishes on any wood type. Although there are various kinds of finishes on the market, like shellac, polyurethane, lacquer, and varnish, not all of these options are compatible with all wood species.

Lacquer is a popular choice not only because it is durable, but also because it provides an elegant gloss to the wood that it is applied to. The team of builders from Coastal applied a lacquer finish on the cellar’s wooden racks and shelves as per the request of the client. The lacquer made the Redwood’s colors bolder and more enhanced. The client was very pleased with the result.

Trust only a professional for the application of a stain or finish on your wooden racks and shelves. Find a wine storage specialist by clicking here!

Coastal Designs Custom Wooden Shelves and Single Bottle Wine Racking

The success of the Vancouver residential cellar construction project was mainly because the client and the builder openly contributed ideas for the design of the structure. It was the client who suggested the installation of the wooden storage cases on commercial rollers. The setup helped the boxes become more accessible to the client. Every time he wanted to get a bottle from the cases, he simply pulled the shelves out by sliding them across the rollers.

Finished New Jersey Wine Cellar Project

New Jersey Wine Cellar Shows How to Improve a Niche

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Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Vancouver has always prided itself as being one of the best wine cellar specialists not just in Canada, but also in the US completed New Jersey wine cellar. We decided to spotlight this certain project here since it showed how versatile our team is

New Jersey Wine Cellar Before Niche Transformation

This is area for the New Jersey wine cellar before the transformation of niche.

Just how difficult was this particular project for them? Well, the area in question was a small niche that was located in between the client’s dining area and kitchen (pictured here). Now, you would likely think that this space would be a very difficult area to fashion a wine cellar into, and you would be correct about that. However, the client had put so much faith in the team that they willingly committed themselves to finding a solution agreeable to both parties. Below is how they went about it.

Creating a Useful “Niche”

The niche that was between the dining and the kitchen area may appear to be just “there”, with no particular function, but it clearly served a purpose for the client: it housed a mini-cellar cabinet, which meant he was already eyeing the space to house a wine cellar.

After a lengthy consultation with the client on what he was looking for in a wine cellar, the Custom Wine Cellars Vancouver team then took precise measurements that would allow his 632 (and counting) wine bottle collection to fit in such a modest space.

New Jersey Wine Cellar 3D Blueprint

This is the 3D blueprint for the New Jersey wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Flooring Options in Vancouver, Canada

Your home custom wine cellar in Vancouver, Canada should not only be functional and durable, but also well-designed. One of the ways you can make your wine cellar look aesthetically pleasing is to have beautiful wine cellar flooring. Learn about the many options available for wine cellar flooring in Vancouver, Canada.

Wine Cellar Flooring Contributes to Your Wine Storage Room’s Aesthetic Appeal

A residential custom wine cellar is not just a storage place. It is also a place to display your wine collection for your guests to see. Since it is where you can brag about wines, you want to make sure that your storage place is worth bragging about, too. Wine cellars should have a beautiful design. Each part of a custom wine cellar contributes to the overall beauty of the storage room. When choosing a design for your residential wine cellar, one of the things that you need to consider is the wine cellar flooring.

Basic Tips on Choosing Custom Wine Cellar Flooring Materials

In Vancouver, Canada, there are various options in materials that can be used for residential custom wine cellar flooring. You can choose whichever suits your personal preference, but there are a few rules to keep in mind.

1. Why NO to Carpeting?

Never use carpeting for your wine cellar flooring. The environment inside a custom wine cellar is cool and humid, because this is what is required for wines to be age. With these conditions, mold can form in the fibers of carpets. Mold is not only unsanitary, but will also ruin the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar. Moreover, carpet should not be used in wine cellars because it is difficult to maintain. If wine spills on the carpet or if a bottle breaks on it, you will have an immensely difficult time cleaning it up.

2. Seal Concrete and Install a Vapor Barrier

It is common for wine cellars in Vancouver to be constructed in the lower levels of a home, and because of that, the flooring materials are often installed over concrete. In cases like these, the concrete must first be sealed, and a vapor barrier must be installed, before laying out any flooring material. This is especially important because you will be installing a wine cellar refrigerator in the space, so that the humidity and temperature will be maintained in the ideal levels constantly. Generally, the vapor barrier is installed on the warm side of the wall.

3. Consider the Weight Load that the Material Can Take

When choosing what material to use for your custom wine cellar flooring, it is important to check the weight load that a material will be able to take. Wine bottles are very heavy. Add to that the weight of the cabinetry, racking, etc. The wine cellar flooring material that you need therefore depends on the overall size and components of your wine cellar, and the size and type of your wine collection. The material you choose should be able to withstand pressure.

A Few Options for Custom Wine Cellar Flooring in Vancouver, Canada

There are various options of wine cellar flooring materials to choose from. Regardless of what material you choose, it should complement the overall design of your wine storage room. It should also reflect your personal style. Here are a few of the most popular choices:

1. Wood

Sealed hardwood is the most common material used for wine cellar flooring. When constructing a custom wine cellar, proper preparation should be done before laying the hardwood. Hardwood wine cellar flooring in Canada also comes in various designs, such as detailed patterns, mosaic, and inlaid medallions. If you want to apply a stain or sealing agent to the wood flooring, make sure that you use a product that has low to zero toxicity, so that it does not negatively affect the flavor of your wines.