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Wine Storage & Wooden Wine Racks in Vancouver, Canada

Having a residential custom wine cellar built in your home in Vancouver, Canada is one of the best decisions you can make for your beloved wine collection. Your wines need the best conditions in order to mature tastefully. The ideal humidity and temperature levels for wine storage can be met if you have a home wine cellar in Canada with a good wine cellar cooling system installed.

Wine racks are an essential part of a custom wine cellar in Canada. Wine racks can be made from various kinds of materials, but the most popular are wooden wine racks in Vancouver, Canada. Wooden wine racks are also considered to be an exceptionally beautiful kind.

There are many approaches to having wine racks in Canada, which include having a carpenter build them, buying wine rack kits, or having a wine rack company design and construct them. Learn about each option by reading through this article.

Wooden Wine Racks in Canada Built by a Carpenter

Some wine collectors choose to have their wine racking built by a carpenter. This is one of the most common approaches to wine racking. Generally, carpenters who build wine racks are highly dependent on a detailed design that you provide them. The problem is, most carpenters have no idea of the size of wine bottles, nor about how to size the openings correctly. There have been many cases wherein a carpenter built the openings of the individual racks too big for the bottles. Carpenters, no matter how good they are, are generally very dependent on the design provided to them, and if there is something wrong with the details of the design (e.g. dimensions and measurements), the construction will be faulty.

Wine Racks in Canada & Their Various Kinds

Wine racks in Vancouver, Canada come in various styles, shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. They can be used either for simply displaying wines in your home or for long term wine storage. Wine racks can also be made from various materials.

Learn more about wine racks by reading through this page:

Wooden Wine Racks

A few of the most beautiful types of wine racks in Canada are those made from wood. Wooden wine racks are commonly made from Pine, Oak or Mahogany. Wooden wine racks in Canada can store from a few wine bottles to hundreds and thousands of them.

Wooden wine racks are very classy looking, and there are many stain options to choose from. These kinds of wine racks are durable as long as they are kept in the right conditions.

Modular wine racks in Canada are the best because you can add onto them as your collection grows.

Metal Wine Racks

There are many different kinds of metal wine racks. Those made from brass or stainless steel are the most common. Metal wine racks are the most durable kind. They can last for many years, but you will have to protect it from rust formation for it to remain durable.

Basic Construction Specifications when Building a Custom Wine Cellar in Canada

Planning to have a custom wine cellar in Canada? Whether it’s a commercial or residential wine cellar, there are specifications you need to follow in order to make sure that your wine storage room will function properly. Here are a few construction specifications for wine cellars in Vancouver:

1. Cellar Wall & Ceiling Frame

When building a wine cellar, make sure that the wall framing is built using standard 2×4 or 2×6 construction methods. It’s also imperative that you know and follow the building codes in your area. If metal studs will be used, be sure to place at least 5 rows of nailers horizontally in between studs at the right heights, or attach firing strips on the left edge of the metal studs. These nailers or strips are where the wine racks will be attached, so these have to be very durable.

2. Wine Cellar Vapor Barrier & Insulation

You need to install a vapor barrier and insulation to your custom wine cellar in Vancouver if it is to be chilled. Vapor barriers and insulation make sure that the cold inside the wine storage room is kept inside and remains constant.

In creating vapor barriers, you first need to apply 6-mill plastic sheeting to the warm side of the wine cellar walls. You must apply a vapor barrier on the outside walls and ceiling of your custom wine cellar. Make sure that the seams are taped and sealed before the walls are closed.

In cases wherein it’s not possible to apply a vapor barrier on the outside of the studs or joists, you must apply plastic inside the wine cellar to the outside walls. What most people commonly do is wrap the entire interior of their residential wine cellar in Canada leaving the plastic loose inside the stud cavity. In between the studs, you can apply insulation. It is imperative that all of the cellar’s walls and ceiling are completely wrapped in plastic so that vapor barrier is effective. Insulation for the walls should be R13, or greater while R19 to R30 is best for the ceiling.

3. Custom Wine Cellar Doors

If your custom wine cellar is to be chilled, the exterior grade of your wine cellar door should be solid core 1.75”. You may also choose to have glass on the cellar door; if so, you must use sealed insulated glass. To prevent warm air from penetrating the door, exterior grade weather stripping is also required.

4. Residential Wine Cellar Lighting

The best type of lights are LED lights, but if you want to use recessed cans and halogen lighting accents, you must have a good wine cellar cooling unit to remove the heat generated by these lights out from the cellar. It is important to consider also that lighting that emits more heat also consumes more power.

Characteristics of the Best Wine Cellar Cooling Systems in Vancouver Canada

Wine lovers and wine collectors know how important it is to store wine in the right conditions, and therefore also know the necessity of having a wine cellar cooling unit installed in a custom wine cellar in Canada. The question then is how do you know which wine cellar refrigeration systems is the best for your wine cellar in Vancouver?

One of the important wine cellar accessories is a wine refrigerator or wine cooler. This a unit used for the short term storage of wine. Its primary purpose is to chill wine before serving. Even with a wine refrigerator, you need to find the best one for your beloved wines.

Here are two basic characteristics of the best wine coolers:

1. Ability to Cool Wines to the Right Serving Temperature

Wines are served at a different temperature from its temperature when it was stored. Wine coolers or wine refrigerators are primarily used to cool wine to the proper serving temperature. Generally, wines should be served at a temperature of at least 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Ability to Protect Wine Efficiently

Vancouver Wine Cellar Solutions by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars

Need a wine cellar cooling unit? CLICK HERE!Engaging in a wine cellar project requires time, money, effort, and of course, a professional wine cellar builder. The main purpose of custom wine cellars is to provide wines the ideal storage conditions needed for graceful aging. Wines which are stored in a room without stable temperature and humidity will result in wine faults, thus wasting your precious investment.

In many parts around the world including Vancouver, Canada, many wine collectors have invested in a residential wine cellar so they can easily access their wines in addition to providing a climate-controlled environment for their favorite vintages. A wine cellar is also a great place for wine tasting parties with friends.

Is your wine collection growing or do you plan to add more to it in the future? If yes, and you’re using wine racks or a wine cabinet to store your collection, now is the time to build a wine cellar for your bottles. Any area in your house can be converted into a wine storage room – leave everything to your trusted Vancouver wine cellar builder.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is a company based in British Columbia with the utmost dedication in providing wine storage solutions and excellent customer service to their clients.

Vancouver Wine Cellar Solutions – Which One is Best for You

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars offers two wine cellar solutions – modular wine cellars and custom wine cellars. Let’s identify the difference between the two.

Modular Wine Cellars

Vancouver CA – Elegant Handcrafted Wood Wine Racks from All Heart Redwood

Custom wine racks Vancouver are important management tools in cellaring wines. They are the ideal storage option for Vancouver wine cellars and wine displays, through which wines can mature to their full potential and allow collectors to showcase their finest vintages. Wine racks facilitate horizontal wine storage, which is essential to preserving the taste and flavor of wines. They are specially designed to hold bottles at an angle that helps the cork remain moist and tightly sealed.

Wood Wine Racks by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars

Wood Wine Racks by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars

Wood wine racks are the most cost-effective wine storage solution. Custom wine racks made from wood not only provide strength and durability, but also create a dramatic presentation of wine collectibles. Wood is a material that is easy to work with and it is readily available. The most common type of wood variety used in handcrafting wine racks is All Heart Redwood.

Redwood trees are known for their towering height of up to 360 feet. These massive trees are some of the oldest living species in the world, with some as old as 2,200 years old. They are native to the coastal eco-regions of Northern California and Southern Oregon. These ancient giants have tannin-rich bark that protects them against insect infestation and damage, which contributes to their longevity.

Redwood lumber is a popular choice in wine rack construction because of its excellent characteristics, such as resistance to mildew, shrinking and warping. Since this wood variety is accustomed to cool and damp conditions, redwood wine racks are the best storage and display options in a climate controlled wine cellar. Their rot resistant properties prevent degradation of racking units and give them the ability to endure the test of time.

California All Heart Redwood Used in Wood Wine Racks

California All Heart Redwood Used in Wood Wine Racks