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Wine Cellar Installations – Metro Vancouver(Coquitlam BC)

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Wine Cellar Installations – Metro Vancouver(Coquitlam BC)

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Residential Wine Cellar Installations metro Vancouver (Coquitlam BC)

Modular Wine Cellar in Coquitlam BC

Hi, I’m Adrienne from Blue Grouse Wine Cellars and I’m going to tell you a little bit about the project that we recently completed for some clients in Coquitlam area, which is just East of Vancouver part of the Metro Vancouver area in British Columbia.

This client came to us originally about 3 or 4 years ago looking for a few modular wine racks, and now they were coming back to us because they needed more racks to build out a whole Vancouver residential wine cellar, because now they have a room dedicated specifically for wines, and they wanted everything to match.

The 3D Drawings

Modular Redwood Wine Cellar Drawings Modular Redwood Wine Cellar Drawing elevation AModular Redwood Wine Cellar Drawing plan view Modular Redwood Wine Cellar Drawings elevation B and C

These are the recent drawings that we ended up doing for them, and this uses all Blue Grouse modular wine racking. We did do some modifications to the racking and not shown in the drawings here. How we’re gonna do that so that they could have a custom countertop area.

This is the overhead view and you can see the measurements of the wine room. This is the back wall here, where they were planning to have originally some sort of stone or tile feature on the back wall their designer was trying to look after. You’ll see in the finished photos that end up changing a little bit.

Custom Wine Rack Features

Vancouver residential wine cellar design

Modular Wine Cellar Racks

They have some diamond bins which are great for bulk wine storage and lots of individual bottle slots.

They have a countertop in a matching plywood that matches the finish of the wine racks, which were all redwood, all hardwood so it has a nice consistent color.

You can see there’s a display row running horizontally through the middle of the wine racks, and we ended up adding lighting above that, behind the lighting valance that shines down on all the bottles in the display row, and it’s a nice feature.

Wine Deterioration Can be Prevented by Storing Them in a Refrigerated Vancouver Residential Wine Cellar

Poor storage conditions can deteriorate wine rapidly. Wine needs to be stored in a room that is installed with a climate-control system. Learn how a refrigerated Vancouver residential wine cellar can protect your wines from spoilage, and understand the function of a cooling system in proper preservation of your favorite vintages.

Wine Needs to be Kept in a Safe Place to Age

wine storage space Vancouver

Invest in a Refrigerated Wine Cellar to Keep Your Wines Safe

Wine deteriorates rapidly when stored in a wrong environment. It is susceptible to climatic changes caused by external factors such as temperature, light, and humidity.

A storage area with stable conditions and minimal light will protect wine from damage, allowing your favorite vintages to reach their full potential before consumption. This is why many wine enthusiasts in many parts of the world, including Vancouver, invest in a refrigerated wine cellar.

How a Climate-Controlled Wine Cellar Can Protect Your Wine

In addition to convenience in accessing your precious vintages, having your own home wine cellar will give you peace of mind. It is the safest resting place for your wines because it has a stable environment. This can be achieved only when an efficient wine cooling system is installed in your wine room.

Function of the Wine Refrigeration System in Proper Wine Preservation

wine cooling systems Vancouver

An Efficient Wine Refrigeration System is an Essential Component of a Wine Cellar

Wine cellars should be equipped with a cooling system that is capable of maintaining the optimal environment needed by wine to preserve its complex taste and aroma. Temperature and humidity must be stabilized to prevent wine faults.

Prevent Temperature Fluctuations

wine oxidation affects the corkWith an efficient cooling unit, the ideal temperature, which is 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit, can be achieved. It helps prevent temperature fluctuations that can dramatically ruin wine.

When the temperature in your Vancouver residential wine cellar exceeds the ideal range, the cork will shrink, allowing air leakage. This can cause oxidation, which can be detrimental to your wines.

Two Canada Wine Varietals and Wine Storage Tips

Collecting wine provides wine lovers irreplaceable enjoyment. Because of their passion for wine, they invest time, money, and effort to collect even the most expensive vintages.

They also take time to acquire as much knowledge as possible about wine, such as understanding not only the difference between whites and reds, but also the different grape varieties. Knowing the ideal storage conditions for wines to mature is also important. grape varieties

By knowing the varietals of the wines stored in your wine cellar, you will develop a deeper appreciation for the grapes used in making your favorite vintages. This will also help you choose the right type of wines to store and display in your wine cellar and to pick the right bottle to go with the food on your table.


Two Famous Wine Varietals in Canada

There are many different grape varieties around the world, however, not all of these can be used to produce quality wines. Let’s talk about two of the popular varietals in Canada and how to store them properly.


Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is one of the major black grape varieties worldwide. It is considered one of the parents of Cabernet Sauvignon. It prefers cool, inland climates such as France, California, Australia, Chile, South Africa, and Canada.

Cabernet Franc is believed to be Canada’s signature red. In Canada, Cabernet Franc is produced as an ice wine in Ontario (they produce 99% of the world’s ice wine).

Because of its finesse, Cabernet Franc grapes are usually used in Bordeaux style blends (with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot), lending to a peppery perfume. Blending Cabernet Franc with other varietals is necessary because it cannot achieve longevity on its own and is not suitable for long-term aging. However, there are still some producers who prefer to sell it as a single varietal.

Cabernet Franc

As a wine, it exhibits hints of pepper, tobacco, black cherry, raspberry, mint, black currant, spicy and slightly floral aromas, and nuances of violet. The green leafy notes are minimized by delaying the harvest of the grapes.

Cabernet Franc is light to medium bodied and has lighter color than Cabernet Sauvignon, but its aromas are more intense. The overall profile of Cabernet Franc greatly depends on the origin of the grapes and the vineyard of origin’s practices.

It is best paired with Greek cuisines, braised meat, poultry, veggie pizza, lasagna, and other vegetarian and tomato dishes.

Clean and Sleek Contemporary Vancouver Custom Wine Cellar

When building a custom wine cellar, every client has his storage and aesthetic requirements. There are essential factors for would-be wine cellar owners that must be discussed and taken into consideration during the planning stage, including the location where the wine room will be built, size of the collection, types of bottles and wines to be stored, existing home décor, and budget. The final look and ambiance of the wine cellar must not be overlooked either.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has always used its experience and expertise in designing and building Vancouver custom wine cellars to exceed the expectations of its clients.

Let’s talk about one of the projects they have completed with excellence.

The Glass Custom Wine Cellar West Vancouver

Blue Grouse’s client in Vancouver, Canada love to socialize and entertain friends which is one of the reasons they decided to invest in a residential wine cellar.

Their desire was to add a focal point to their residence that could impress guests and allow them to create a memorable wine drinking experience. The Blue Grouse Wine Cellars team achieved this by constructing an all-glass custom wine display.

Custom Wine Cellars vs. Wine Cabinets – Vancouver Wine Storage Solutions

How oenophiles choose to store their wine collection can greatly impact the overall quality of their liquid assets. Proper wine storage requires a constant and stable environment, wherein the aging process can commence at the right pace. The ideal temperature and humidity for storing and aging wines falls into the 55°- 60°F and 60% – 75% range, respectively. Additionally, wine should be kept in the dark and stored away from odorous items.

There are various wine storage options available that will help preserve and enhance the taste and flavor of wines for a long period of time. Some wine geeks may decide to store their wines at home, in dedicated custom wine cellars Vancouver or wine cabinets. Another storage option involves renting a space at an off-site wine storage facility.

Custom Wine Cellars – Best Wine Storage Location for Wine Collectors in Vancouver

Custom Wine Cellars Vancouver

Custom Wine Cellars Vancouver

A wine cellar is considered the best location for storing and aging wines, because it is meticulously designed and carefully constructed, in order to achieve optimal temperature and humidity levels. Custom wine cellars have plenty of room to accommodate a growing wine collection, and some are spacious enough to double as a watering hole for fellow wine geeks.

The construction of custom wine cellars is a painstaking process that needs to satisfy several prerequisites to help establish the ideal Vancouver wine storage environment. An efficient custom wine room must have the following components: insulation, a vapor barrier, a wine cellar cooling system, and an exterior grade door.

Insulation helps maintain the cool temperature, while vapor barriers hinder mold infestation. An exterior grade entry door is purpose-built to provide an excellent seal to a wine storage room. Wine cellar cooling systems are specifically engineered to regulate the climate conditions inside a wine cellar space.

Custom wine cellars Vancouver are not only designed to reflect the personality of the collector, but also the so-called wine lifestyle. The interior of a wine cellar space can be customized to showcase the aesthetic taste of a wine enthusiast. Various materials like wood, metal, and reclaimed wine barrel components can be used to create wine racking, flooring, and an entryway door. Installing lighting fixtures and art pieces can create a dramatic effect, as well as add visual appeal to the room.

Keep Your Wines Safe in a Functional Canada Wine Cellar

Choosing the wine storage solution that best suits their needs and budget is one of the challenges most wine lovers encounter. Proper preservation of wine is essential in graceful aging. This is why it is vital to store your wines in a space with the ideal climatic conditions – the wine cellar.

Canada Wine Cellars – How to Protect Your Wines

Whether you’re planning to build a Canada wine cellar in the basement, under the stairs, garage, or any extra space in your home, there are important components that you must take into consideration to ensure your wine’s safety.

Wine is very sensitive to temperature changes, high humidity, and too much exposure to sunlight. Constant temperature swings can speed up the wine’s aging process, which can negatively influence the quality and flavor of the wines.

The proper amount of humidity should also be considered because if it falls below the specified range, it can ruin the cork, thus introducing more oxygen to the wine and cause it to spoil the process. This is why an efficient wine cellar cooling system should be installed during the wine cellar construction.

You may opt for a less expensive & simple installation unit, but you will have some heat and noise exhaust at the back. A very quiet cooling system is a more cost-challenged approach. Either way, choose a cooling system that suits your personal needs and budget.

Wine storage racks and wine cellar doors are also essential components of a wine cellar. Looking at the wine bottles elegantly stacked on their sides can be a breathtaking experience. Add the fact that putting them that way keeps the cork moist, thus maintaining its sealing quality.

Wine cellar doors should also be both stylish and functional. Providing a tight seal on your custom wine cellar ensures that the efficiency of your refrigeration and cooling system is not compromised.