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Wine Deterioration Can be Prevented by Storing Them in a Refrigerated Vancouver Residential Wine Cellar

Poor storage conditions can deteriorate wine rapidly. Wine needs to be stored in a room that is installed with a climate-control system. Learn how a refrigerated Vancouver residential wine cellar can protect your wines from spoilage, and understand the function of a cooling system in proper preservation of your favorite vintages.

Wine Needs to be Kept in a Safe Place to Age

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Invest in a Refrigerated Wine Cellar to Keep Your Wines Safe

Wine deteriorates rapidly when stored in a wrong environment. It is susceptible to climatic changes caused by external factors such as temperature, light, and humidity.

A storage area with stable conditions and minimal light will protect wine from damage, allowing your favorite vintages to reach their full potential before consumption. This is why many wine enthusiasts in many parts of the world, including Vancouver, invest in a refrigerated wine cellar.

How a Climate-Controlled Wine Cellar Can Protect Your Wine

In addition to convenience in accessing your precious vintages, having your own home wine cellar will give you peace of mind. It is the safest resting place for your wines because it has a stable environment. This can be achieved only when an efficient wine cooling system is installed in your wine room.

Function of the Wine Refrigeration System in Proper Wine Preservation

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An Efficient Wine Refrigeration System is an Essential Component of a Wine Cellar

Wine cellars should be equipped with a cooling system that is capable of maintaining the optimal environment needed by wine to preserve its complex taste and aroma. Temperature and humidity must be stabilized to prevent wine faults.

Prevent Temperature Fluctuations

wine oxidation affects the corkWith an efficient cooling unit, the ideal temperature, which is 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit, can be achieved. It helps prevent temperature fluctuations that can dramatically ruin wine.

When the temperature in your Vancouver residential wine cellar exceeds the ideal range, the cork will shrink, allowing air leakage. This can cause oxidation, which can be detrimental to your wines.