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Basic Wine Accessories for Every Wine Collector in Vancouver, Canada

Genuine wine lovers not only invest in wines to add to their collection, they also invest in wine accessories, to help them experience their wines better. Learn a few basic wine accessories in Vancouver, Canada that every wine enthusiast should have.

Wine Collection 101: Wines are an Investment

Wine Collection

Quality Wines in Canada are an Investment

In the past, wine collection was something that only the elite could do. In fact, there was a time in history when only those with a royal background could enjoy wine. Today, almost everyone has access to wine, and virtually anyone can start a wine collection. But even with these changes, wine is still perceived as something very valuable. Most people still bring out wines only on special occasions and celebrations. Moreover, quality wines are quite expensive.

To start a wine collection, therefore, one must be willing to invest. When you begin collecting wine, you must invest in an effective wine storage solution, with an efficient wine cellar cooling unit installed. Furthermore, you must be willing to invest in things that can enhance how you enjoy wine. A few of the things that can enrich your wine experience are wine accessories.

There are many wine accessories in Vancouver, Canada, and a few of the basic ones that every wine collector should have include the following:

1. A Corkscrew.

A corkscrew is the most basic of all wine accessories. Most wines are sealed with a cork. How could one enjoy wine without being able to open the bottle? A good wine collector needs to invest in a dependable corkscrew. A good corkscrew is one that is stainless, handy, and that allows you to remove wine corks easily. Most wine experts recommend keeping more than one corkscrew, just in case one gets lost or misplaced. You also need an extra one to bring for travel, for picnics, etc.

2. A Wine Stopper.

Ideally, once a wine bottle is opened, the content should be consumed. But there are times when(for example, if a wine bottle is opened for dinner), there is still a lot of wine left. Since wine does not come cheap, you wouldn’t want to throw away the remaining wine. But you also wouldn’t want to leave an unfinished bottle of wine open, because the wine would develop an unpleasant taste. You need a wine stopper with which to cover the wine bottle after it has been opened. With a wine stopper, you can prolong the life of your wines. Wine stoppers are available in Vancouver, Canada, and can be made of cork, metal, plastic, or glass with a tight rubber seal. There are wine stoppers on the market that have designs on them, too.

3. A Chilling bucket.

Various Wine Serving Temperatures

Different Wines have Different Storage and Serving Temperature Requirements

One of the wine accessories that every wine lover should have is a chilling bucket. Wines need to be served at the ideal serving temperature. Each wine has a different serving temperature, and this serving temperatures is different from its ideal storage temperature. A chilling bucket is where you can place your wine, to cool it to the ideal temperature while waiting for it to be served. A chilling bucket is similar to an ice bucket, but it usually is bigger. You can opt to have your initials monogrammed on the outside of the chilling bucket.