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Wine Racks in Canada & Their Various Kinds

Wine racks in Vancouver, Canada come in various styles, shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. They can be used either for simply displaying wines in your home or for long term wine storage. Wine racks can also be made from various materials.

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Wooden Wine Racks

A few of the most beautiful types of wine racks in Canada are those made from wood. Wooden wine racks are commonly made from Pine, Oak or Mahogany. Wooden wine racks in Canada can store from a few wine bottles to hundreds and thousands of them.

Wooden wine racks are very classy looking, and there are many stain options to choose from. These kinds of wine racks are durable as long as they are kept in the right conditions.

Modular wine racks in Canada are the best because you can add onto them as your collection grows.

Metal Wine Racks

There are many different kinds of metal wine racks. Those made from brass or stainless steel are the most common. Metal wine racks are the most durable kind. They can last for many years, but you will have to protect it from rust formation for it to remain durable.

Basic Construction Specifications when Building a Custom Wine Cellar in Canada

Planning to have a custom wine cellar in Canada? Whether it’s a commercial or residential wine cellar, there are specifications you need to follow in order to make sure that your wine storage room will function properly. Here are a few construction specifications for wine cellars in Vancouver:

1. Cellar Wall & Ceiling Frame

When building a wine cellar, make sure that the wall framing is built using standard 2×4 or 2×6 construction methods. It’s also imperative that you know and follow the building codes in your area. If metal studs will be used, be sure to place at least 5 rows of nailers horizontally in between studs at the right heights, or attach firing strips on the left edge of the metal studs. These nailers or strips are where the wine racks will be attached, so these have to be very durable.

2. Wine Cellar Vapor Barrier & Insulation

You need to install a vapor barrier and insulation to your custom wine cellar in Vancouver if it is to be chilled. Vapor barriers and insulation make sure that the cold inside the wine storage room is kept inside and remains constant.

In creating vapor barriers, you first need to apply 6-mill plastic sheeting to the warm side of the wine cellar walls. You must apply a vapor barrier on the outside walls and ceiling of your custom wine cellar. Make sure that the seams are taped and sealed before the walls are closed.

In cases wherein it’s not possible to apply a vapor barrier on the outside of the studs or joists, you must apply plastic inside the wine cellar to the outside walls. What most people commonly do is wrap the entire interior of their residential wine cellar in Canada leaving the plastic loose inside the stud cavity. In between the studs, you can apply insulation. It is imperative that all of the cellar’s walls and ceiling are completely wrapped in plastic so that vapor barrier is effective. Insulation for the walls should be R13, or greater while R19 to R30 is best for the ceiling.

3. Custom Wine Cellar Doors

If your custom wine cellar is to be chilled, the exterior grade of your wine cellar door should be solid core 1.75”. You may also choose to have glass on the cellar door; if so, you must use sealed insulated glass. To prevent warm air from penetrating the door, exterior grade weather stripping is also required.

4. Residential Wine Cellar Lighting

The best type of lights are LED lights, but if you want to use recessed cans and halogen lighting accents, you must have a good wine cellar cooling unit to remove the heat generated by these lights out from the cellar. It is important to consider also that lighting that emits more heat also consumes more power.

Wine Storage Essentials for the Wine Collector in Vancouver, Canada

The art of storing wine goes way back to ancient Egypt. In those days, wines that had been properly stored and allowed to age tastefully were only served to the pharaohs. Wine tastes exquisitely good if it properly stored, and that is why only the elite class of society in ancient Egypt were given the privilege of drinking properly stored wine.

Today, although good tasting wine is available and accessible to all people, we still put great value on proper wine storage. People who do not put importance in the proper storage of wine will not be able to taste wine in its best quality.

Store Your Precious Wines Using Blue Grouse Wine Cabinets Canada

For those who have been bitten by the wine collecting bug and want to start putting together their own wine collection, the first order of business is to secure a suitable storage space where their liquid collectibles can age undisturbed. While a wine cellar is considered the best location for storing and aging wines, not every wine collector can afford to have one installed in their own home.

However, affordable storage options are also available, like climate controlled wine cabinets. These wine storage solutions are designed to replicate the ideal climate conditions of a custom wine cellar. Refrigerated wine cabinets are equipped with forced air cooling systems that help regulate temperature and humidity at constant levels, in order to provide the best environment for long term wine storage.

Blue Grouse Wine Cabinets

Blue Grouse Wine Cabinets

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Vancouver in Canada provides a large selection of refrigerated wine cabinets that can suit all wine storage projects. Their wine cabinets Canada come in a variety of styles with varying storage capacities, ranging from less than a 100 bottles to more than 700 bottles. They are offered in different wood choices, racking configurations, and stain options, for a customized appearance.

Some of the most popular wine cabinet brands they carry are Eurocave Wine Cabinets, Vinopro Wine Cabinets, Transtherm Wine Cabinets, Cell-R Wine Cabinets, Wine KoolR Cabinets, Vinotheque Wine Cabinets, and Le Cache Wine Cabinets.

Eurocave Wine Cabinets

Eurocave Wine Cabinets

Eurocave Wine Cabinets feature a twin process thermal control and “Hygro+” humidity control system that keeps temperature and relative humidity at optimum levels. Eurocave cabinets are equipped with an alarm system that triggers when there are climate fluctuations or when the door is left ajar. They also come with “Breather Effect” ventilation that provides separate vents for the inflow and outflow of air.

Vinopro Wine Cabinets

Vinopro Wine Cabinets

The Vinopro line of wine cabinets is offered in single or dual temperature zone configurations. This cabinet features two independent zones that allow for two separate temperature settings. Vinopro cabinets come in a variety of models, from a 24-bottle capacity microwave-sized wine cabinet, to a 194-bottle capacity large wine cabinet. Choose between an all glass door feature or a stainless steel trimmed door.