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Wine Cellar Lighting Fixture Options for Wine Cellars in Canada

Wine cellar lighting is an important part of a wine cellar’s design. It completes the wine storage room’s aesthetic appeal. There are various kinds of wine cellar lighting fixtures on the market, and it is important to choose the right ones, because some types of fixtures can have a negative effect on the climate conditions inside the wine cellar. Learn about a few of the most popular options of wine cellar lighting fixtures in Vancouver, Canada!

Reasons Why Proper Wine Cellar Lighting is Important

When planning for a residential custom wine cellar’s design, wine cellar lighting should be given importance. Wine cellar lighting is an important part of wine cellar design because:

1. Proper Lighting is Essential for Protecting Wines

Among the different kinds of wine storage solutions, wine cellars are the most popular option, because they can provide the ideal wine storage conditions. These ideal conditions should be maintained, and fluctuations in their levels should be avoided, so that wines can age properly. The type of wine cellar lighting installed in a wine storage room can cause fluctuations in these ideal climate conditions, because some wine cellar lighting fixtures can emit too much heat. It is imperative that you ask a wine cellar design professional about the most appropriate lighting fixtures for you wine storage room.

2. Proper Wine Cellar Lighting Provides Ample Light to Read Labels and to Move Around the Room

The basic purpose of installing lighting fixtures is for illumination. For wine cellars, lighting fixtures are needed because they provide ample light for you to move around the wine storage room. This is particularly important if you intend to conduct wine tastings inside your wine cellar.

Besides general illumination, wine cellar lighting also provides adequate lighting in the wine labels. Wine labels not only contain the brand or type of wine in a bottle, but also the value of a wine. If you take pride in your wine collection, you will want to show it off to your visitors, and therefore, you should make sure that the wine labels can be visible. Proper wine lighting provides just the right amount of light to read the labels, without producing too much heat that can damage the wines.

It is also recommended that you have a dimmer switch installed in your wine cellar, so that you can easily raise or lower the level of lighting as needed.

3. A Proper Wine Cellar Lighting Fixture Creates a Beautiful Ambiance

Wine cellar lighting can help create a beautiful ambiance inside a wine storage room. A lot of wine cellar owners invest in quality wine cellar lighting fixtures, to make the design of their wine storage room more appealing to their guests.

Most Popular Wine Cellar Lighting Fixtures in Vancouver, Canada

There are so many types wine cellar lighting fixtures on the market. Here are a few of the most popular kinds in Vancouver, Canada:

1. Recessed Can Lights

Recessed can lights are among the most popular choices of wine cellar lighting in Vancouver, Canada. These fixtures are simply mounted on the wine cellar ceiling. You can opt to position them to highlight certain areas in the wine cellar only. In most home wine cellars, recessed can lights are used as the main source of light. Recessed can lights come in various sizes, shapes and styles.

2. Halogen Lighting

Halogen lights are actually a type of recessed lighting system. These fixtures have baffles, which are necessary to control the brightness and minimize the glare. When halogen lighting systems are used in wine cellars, they need to have a UV protective coating to prevent them from producing too much heat, that can otherwise damage your wines. Additionally, make sure that your halogen lighting fixtures are placed at least 18 inches off the cellar walls, so that they are kept away from the wine racks.