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Choosing the Right Wine Racking System in Vancouver, Canada

Wine racks are the most ideal places to lay wines. Wine racking systems in Vancouver, Canada come in various styles, sizes and materials. How do you choose which wine racks are best for your wine collection? This article discusses tips on how to determine the right wine racking systems for you.

How to Choose the Right Wine Racks in Vancouver, Canada

Genuine wine lovers know the importance of proper wine storage. You can never truly enjoy wines if you do not know how and where to store them. The best place to keep them is in a residential custom wine cellar in Vancouver, Canada, with durable wine racks installed.

Wine racks Canada

Effective Wine Racking Systems

Why are Wine Racks a Necessary Part of Wine Storage?

There are many reasons why wine racks are an ideal wine storage solution. One reason is that they are durable. Wine racks can be made from a variety of materials. Wooden wine racks and metal wine racks are among the most popular and most durable types. Another reason is that wine racks are aesthetically pleasing. You can flaunt your wine collection to your guests and friends. That’s why you need to have a beautifully designed wine racking system.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wine Racking System

Wine racks in Vancouver, Canada come in various styles, sizes and materials. How do you know which ones are right for your wine collection? Here are 6 things to keep in mind:

Wooden Wine Racks Canada

Beautiful and Durable Wooden Wine Racks

1. Analyze Your Wine Storage Needs

There is no rule that states that you should only have a single wine rack, but before you purchase or have built a lot of wine racks, you should first analyze your wine storage needs. To be safe, it is wise to take into account the size of your wine collection. Not only should you note the amount of wine you consume in a week, but also the amount of wine count the amount of wine you consume in a week, but also the amount of wine you plan to store. Also, consider whether you want to have a fixed number of wine bottles or, if you intend to have a continuously growing wine collection. This will help you determine the size and type of wine racking system you need.

2. Consider Where You Install Your Wines

True wine lovers know that wines can never truly be enjoyed if they are not at their best, and wines cannot be kept in that state if they are not placed inside a wine cellar. Wine storage is undoubtedly an integral part of the wine drinking experience. Therefore, before you decide to purchase wine racks, you should already have a wine cellar to install them in.

Wine cellars are an ideal storage place for wines, because they can provide wines with the appropriate temperature and humidity for them to age properly. Wine cellars also protect wines from sunlight, which could otherwise damage them.

Understanding What Wine Cellar Cooling Units Are

A wine cellar refrigeration system is an integral part of a wine storage solution. It is responsible for providing the cool temperature and humidity to wines inside a wine storage room,so that they can age and develop properly. Without a good cooling system installed, a wine cellar will be rendered useless.

What is a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit?

A wine cellar cooling unit is similar to a regular air conditioning unit, but not quite the same. A wine cellar cooling system is specifically built to cater to the wine storage needs of wine cellars. Only a wine cellar cooling unit can provide the specific temperature and humidity levels that wines need to develop their aromas and flavors. At its core, a wine cellar refrigeration system is an air exchanger. It basically provides cool air to a wine cellar, while removing the warm air that rises to the top and sending it into an exhaust room.


Basic Elements of a Good Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

Wine cellar refrigeration systems in Vancouver, Canada come in various shapes, sizes and configurations. It can be really difficult to determine which brand is best fit for your wine storage room.To make it easier to choose the right wine cellar cooling system, here are the standard requirements of a quality wine cellar cooling unit:

1. A Good Wine Cellar Cooling Unit is Durable.

It is imperative that your wine cellar cooling unit in Vancouver, Canada, has a long lifespan. Generally, the longer the lifespan of a refrigeration system, the more expensive it is. Wine cellar cooling systems that are on the lower end of the market usually last around 1 to 4 years, but there are a few that are known to last longer when used under the ideal conditions. High quality wine cellar refrigeration units can last from 5 to 7 years, with some brands lasting even longer.

2. Choose Wine Cellar Cooling Units That Produce Minimal Noise

A wine cellar cooling unit is the most common source of noise in a wine storage room. The problem with noise is that, if it is excessive, it can cause vibrations in the wine racks and there by disturb the aging and development process of the wines. The amount of noise that a wine cellar cooling unit produces depends on its quality and on how it is configured. Some types of cooling units produce minimal noise, while others are very noisy.

3. Your Cellar Refrigeration Unit Should Be Efficient

The efficiency of a wine cellar refrigeration system is essential. How does the cooling unit perform the task at hand? There are cooling units that can cool a room to the ideal temperature, but cannot maintain it for very long. Some cooling units have trouble functioning should the outside temperature become too warm or too cold. There are also some refrigeration units that have a problem with temperature uniformity, producing cooler and warmer spots through the custom wine cellar.

Many times, the design and construction of the wine cellar play a large role in how well the wine cellar refrigeration system functions. If a wine cellar is not properly insulated, and if it isn’t completely air tight, a wine cellar cooling unit will fail to function effectively. Also, if you install a cooling unit that is too small for a large wine storage room, the unit will fail to do its job properly, and can even be damaged.

Types of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems in Vancouver, Canada

There are various types of wine cellar cooling units in Vancouver, Canada, but they can be categorized into two basic kinds.

1. Self-Contained Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

A self-contained wine cellar cooling unit has both the evaporator and condenser contained in one single housing. There are two subtypes of self-contained wine cellar cooling units and they are:

a. Ductless Self-Contained Wine Cellar Cooling Units

This is the easiest to install, because you simply mount the cooling unit through the wall of the home wine cellar. An HVAC professional is not needed for the installation of this unit. The major advantage of ductless self-contained wine cellar cooling systems is that they are very cost-effective. The common complaint for this kind of cooling system is that it produces a lot of noise in the wine storage room.

Wine Collecting 101: All About Large Format Wine Bottles

One of the most common problems that wine enthusiasts face when collecting wine is wine storage. It always is a challenge when you want to add large format wine bottles and odd-shaped bottles in your wine collection, but you only have regular-sized wine racks.

Have you ever wondered why wineries would make large bottles of wine when they seem so impractical when it comes to where and how to store them? Why can’t wineries just make all wine bottles identical and standard-sized? Learn more about large format wine bottles by reading through this article:

Wine Bottles Sizes

Various wine bottles sizes in Canada

1. Large Format Wine Bottles are Rare

Some wineries only produce large format wine bottles for very special wines, and they only release them for very special occasions. There are wineries that only use large format wine bottles to showcase vintage wines, and release them only during the winery’s anniversary or for other occasions like a charitable event.

2. Wines in Large Format Bottles are Usually Higher in Quality

Wine ages through a chemical process called oxidation. In this process, the chemical components of wine are exposed to a small amount of oxygen. Take note that proper maturation happens with only a small amount of oxygen. Too much exposure to oxygen can ruin the flavor of wine.

In every wine bottle, there is a small amount of oxygen trapped in the empty space called an ullage. When the wine bottle is big, the amount of oxygen in it is relatively smaller than the volume of wine. This means that the oxidation of wine is slower. Slower oxidation often translates to better wine aging, and therefore, a higher quality of wine.

This also means that if you want to put away a wine bottle for a special occasion many years in the future, a large format wine bottle is a safe bet. Since oxidation is slower in large format wine bottles, they will reach their peak long after 750ml bottles have reached their prime.

3. Large Format Wine Bottles Are Highly Resistant to Fluctuations in Temperature

Fluctuating temperature is one of the enemies of wine. Wine needs to be stored in the ideal temperature, with minimal to no fluctuations. Large-format wine bottles contain a larger volume of wine. Larger volumes of liquid take longer to warm or cool, and therefore are more resistant to the damages caused by constant temperature fluctuations.

This does not mean, though, that you should settle for less than ideal custom wine cellar conditions. Your wines, whether in large format wine bottles or standard wine bottles, should be kept in a residential wine cellar that can provide the ideal conditions for proper wine storage.

4. Large-Format Bottles Look More Fitting For Occasions

When we have celebrations and parties, we want everything to look grand and festive. Nothing looks more grand and festive than large format wine bottles. Wines in these bottles look impressive, and they are an immediate attention grabber.

Wine Racks in Canada & Their Various Kinds

Wine racks in Vancouver, Canada come in various styles, shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. They can be used either for simply displaying wines in your home or for long term wine storage. Wine racks can also be made from various materials.

Learn more about wine racks by reading through this page:

Wooden Wine Racks

A few of the most beautiful types of wine racks in Canada are those made from wood. Wooden wine racks are commonly made from Pine, Oak or Mahogany. Wooden wine racks in Canada can store from a few wine bottles to hundreds and thousands of them.

Wooden wine racks are very classy looking, and there are many stain options to choose from. These kinds of wine racks are durable as long as they are kept in the right conditions.

Modular wine racks in Canada are the best because you can add onto them as your collection grows.

Metal Wine Racks

There are many different kinds of metal wine racks. Those made from brass or stainless steel are the most common. Metal wine racks are the most durable kind. They can last for many years, but you will have to protect it from rust formation for it to remain durable.

Wine Flaws and Vancouver Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

How do you make sure that the wines you have in your collection are of the best quality? Ensuring freshness and taste quality of wine is quiet a challenging task. But, with proper wine storage, your wine will surely satisfy your guests’ palate during a party in your Vancouver custom wine cellar.

Poor storage conditions often result in wine flaws. Wine flaws are minor attributes that cause wine to be less than enjoyable. By keeping wine in a wine cellar that can stabilize temperature and humidity, proper storage can be achieved and wine flaws can be prevented.

We have this notion that the longer the wine is stored, the better it tastes. Basically, we all have to remember that only a small percentage of fine wines on the market benefit from long term aging. Most wines are best enjoyed within a few years of release.

Common Causes of Wine Flaws and Tips for Proper Wine Storage

Too Much Heat

We have to take note that it is important to keep wine cool, but not too cool. Heat is the number one enemy of wine, but make sure not to keep it somewhere so cold that it could freeze. If the storage area is too hot, wine often become oxidized and get “cooked”, resulting in flat aromas and flavors. This is why wine racks must not be placed near sources of heat such as appliances.


Vibration must also be avoided so as not to disturb wine’s sediments. Disturbed sediments can cause unpleasant flavour in wine. Wine must also be kept in a dark area because too much exposure to light can affect the quality your most precious wines. Keeping these wines without much further consideration may result in wine flaws.

Poor Wine Storage or Transportation

Basic Construction Specifications when Building a Custom Wine Cellar in Canada

Planning to have a custom wine cellar in Canada? Whether it’s a commercial or residential wine cellar, there are specifications you need to follow in order to make sure that your wine storage room will function properly. Here are a few construction specifications for wine cellars in Vancouver:

1. Cellar Wall & Ceiling Frame

When building a wine cellar, make sure that the wall framing is built using standard 2×4 or 2×6 construction methods. It’s also imperative that you know and follow the building codes in your area. If metal studs will be used, be sure to place at least 5 rows of nailers horizontally in between studs at the right heights, or attach firing strips on the left edge of the metal studs. These nailers or strips are where the wine racks will be attached, so these have to be very durable.

2. Wine Cellar Vapor Barrier & Insulation

You need to install a vapor barrier and insulation to your custom wine cellar in Vancouver if it is to be chilled. Vapor barriers and insulation make sure that the cold inside the wine storage room is kept inside and remains constant.

In creating vapor barriers, you first need to apply 6-mill plastic sheeting to the warm side of the wine cellar walls. You must apply a vapor barrier on the outside walls and ceiling of your custom wine cellar. Make sure that the seams are taped and sealed before the walls are closed.

In cases wherein it’s not possible to apply a vapor barrier on the outside of the studs or joists, you must apply plastic inside the wine cellar to the outside walls. What most people commonly do is wrap the entire interior of their residential wine cellar in Canada leaving the plastic loose inside the stud cavity. In between the studs, you can apply insulation. It is imperative that all of the cellar’s walls and ceiling are completely wrapped in plastic so that vapor barrier is effective. Insulation for the walls should be R13, or greater while R19 to R30 is best for the ceiling.

3. Custom Wine Cellar Doors

If your custom wine cellar is to be chilled, the exterior grade of your wine cellar door should be solid core 1.75”. You may also choose to have glass on the cellar door; if so, you must use sealed insulated glass. To prevent warm air from penetrating the door, exterior grade weather stripping is also required.

4. Residential Wine Cellar Lighting

The best type of lights are LED lights, but if you want to use recessed cans and halogen lighting accents, you must have a good wine cellar cooling unit to remove the heat generated by these lights out from the cellar. It is important to consider also that lighting that emits more heat also consumes more power.

Popular Wines Found in Canada Wine Cellars

Canadians love wine. Wine growing and production in the country picked up, especially during the 60’s, when better technology allowed people to have cool-climate grapes. There is a fast-rising market of both wine drinkers and wine collectors in that part of the world, and their tastes tends towards the all-time favorites red such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot which are richer and full-bodied and exciting bottles that originate from Canada itself.

Well-Known Wines Stored in Canada Wine Cellars

Pinot Noir

PINOT NOIR CANADA1Pinot Noir has steadily gained a loyal following, and people have started stocking their wine racks with this wine variety, especially after the movie Sideways came out, and Canadians are no exception.

This wine came from the Burgundy region of France and is a wine variety that goes through a challenging winemaking process making it slightly more pricy when compared to other red wines. But this hasn’t stopped it from being featured in wine cellars all throughout Canada. Pinot Noir is cherished for its delicious hints of cinnamon, and nuances of raspberry, cherry, and strawberry. This wine is best paired with dark meat dishes, as well as chocolate and cheese.



Merlot, which is from the Bordeaux region of France, thrives in cool temperatures. Wine storage for this variety is not a problem in Canada where some regions enjoy cooler climates.

In fact, top wineries in Canada love this wine variety. The fruity flavors and dark blue hue has hints of blueberry, blackberry, and even touches of cocoa. For beginners, it is recommended that they start by storing Merlot in their Canada wine cellars because its subtleness is a great initiation into the world of wine. This red wine is best consumed with shellfish, prawns, and red meat dishes.

Canada Wine Cellars – Balance in Temperature and Humidity

Wine storage and aging is one of the most meticulous interests that you can pursue. This is because wine requires a delicate balance of environmental factors so that it can age properly. This is why it is important to learn how to properly store and cool wine.

You should know the ideal conditions that should be present in your Canada wine cellar to make sure that your precious vintages age to their best possible potential with the passage of time.


Wine storage temperature is a major factor a wine collector must take into account to keep his wine safe. It must be kept constant in your wine cellar. The ideal temperature for storing wine is different for reds and whites. For red wine, the best temperature is anywhere between 50-55ºF. For white wine, the optimal temperature is 45ºF.

Constant fluctuations in temperature will cause wine to age prematurely, resulting in “flat” flavour and wine faults and preventing the drinker from savoring the desirable flavors and aromas of the vintage. Remember to keep your wine away from direct sunlight too, as this adds unnecessary heat and light which can interfere with wine’s aging process.

Wine Storage Essentials for the Wine Collector in Vancouver, Canada

The art of storing wine goes way back to ancient Egypt. In those days, wines that had been properly stored and allowed to age tastefully were only served to the pharaohs. Wine tastes exquisitely good if it properly stored, and that is why only the elite class of society in ancient Egypt were given the privilege of drinking properly stored wine.

Today, although good tasting wine is available and accessible to all people, we still put great value on proper wine storage. People who do not put importance in the proper storage of wine will not be able to taste wine in its best quality.

Canada Wine Cellar Builder Offers Attractive Wine Cabinets

WINE STORAGE AUG25When collecting wine, one must not only have the right knowledge of the types of wine and their characteristics, but also be able to determine his wine storage needs and requirements. This way, it will be easier for the wine collector to choose the right wine storage solution that will help his wines age to their full potential.

Wines are ideally kept in wine cellars where temperature and humidity levels are maintained. But what if you don’t have the right budget and space to build a wine cellar? The best alternative is wine refrigerated cabinets.

When it comes to functionality, affordability, space efficiency, and beauty, wine cabinets are a good choice! They can also serve as decorative pieces of furniture and can be fitted easily in almost any area in your home.

Wine cabinets look like refrigerators, but they function like wine cellars. When designed and manufactured by a professional, they are able to provide wines the ideal storage conditions they need to preserve their quality. One of the most reliable Canada custom wine cellar builders that offers quality wine cabinets is Blue Grouse Wine Cellars.


Stylish Wine Cabinets by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars

One of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars’ best new offerings is Vinopro Wine Cabinets. These wine cabinets are stylish, cost-efficient, and functional. Models include BU-490, BU-145, BI-130, and BI-56. They are available in all-glass or stainless steel-trimmed glass doors with black surround.


Each model has a touch-key control panel in cabinet with digital display, circulated fan cooling for balanced storage temperature, low vibration design, stainless steel pull handle, and auto-defrost. Click here to view more features of Vinopro Wine Cabinets.