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Building a Beautiful Canada Home Wine Cellar Using Cost-Effective Modular Wine Racks

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Are you facing a dilemma of choosing between a modular racking system and a custom wine cellar? If you are looking for an economical wine storage solution that can create a custom-like display for your collection, experts recommend modular wine racks. A client in Coquitlam, British Columbia, contacted Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to build a unique home wine cellar that would be as beautiful as a custom wine room.

A Home Wine Cellar Design Created to Store, Protect, and Display a Growing Collection

Metro Vancouver Canada home wine cellarEvery wine collector has different aesthetic and functional requirements. Thus, it is essential that your chosen builder make a careful assessment of the size and location of the room, financial requirements, and the number of bottles intended to be stored.

When creating a design for their clients, the Blue Grouse Wine Cellars team always does it with passion and creativity. This helpsthem achieve a turnkey solution that will make the homeowner happy for years to come.

With extensive experience in wine cellar construction, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has built stunning wine cellars in Canada. One of their recent projects was in Coquitlam, which is a city in the lower mainland of British Columbia and a municipality that comprises metro Vancouver.

Cost-Effective Solution for the Serious Wine Collector

About 3 years ago, the owners did not have a dedicated storage space for their wines. They had a few modular wine racks, which they bought from Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to accommodate their growing collection.

They purchased additional modular wine racks to match their existing storage system. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars supplied and installed it in a utility space located in the lower level of the owner’s home. This type of service (supply and installation) is available for customers even if they already have a contractor for their home building project.

In this installation project, the wine room is 7 square feet, which was designed to accommodate 680 bottles.

Features of the Modular Racking System

Modular California Redwood Wine Cellar Racks

Modular California Redwood Wine Cellar Racks

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars consulted with the contractor to help ensure that the wine room was built according the functional requirements of the client and matched the theme of the home.

For wine collectors who want to have an elegant home wine cellar without going beyond their budget, master builders recommend modular wine racks. Modular racking is also a great option for a growing collection. Unlike custom wine racks, this storage option allows for easy expansion of one’s collection.

Combining Wine Rack Styles and Adding an Eco-Friendly Feature

Canada Wine Cellar Backsplash Made from Reclaimed Wine Barrel

Canada Wine Cellar Backsplash Made from Reclaimed Wine Barrel

In every wine cellar project, the designers of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars make sure that they create the design with passion and according to the client’s personal preferences. In this Canada home wine cellar, different racking configurations were combined to achieve a custom-like wine storage display.

The left and right walls consist of diamond storage bins at the bottom and individual slots at the top section. The diamond bins are for storing bottles in bulk.

There are high reveal display rows on both walls, which allow for highlighting some of the client’s favorite vintages. The back wall is the focal point of this wine room.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars added a countertop area to provide an area for serving and decanting wine. Additionally, it can also serve as an additional space for displaying a few bottles, decanters, stemware, and other essential accessories. Below the countertop are the diamond wine racks and single bottle storage slots.