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How to Repair a Wine Storage Cooling Unit That is Leaking Freon

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Licensed HVAC professionals are the only ones capable of providing quality services for wine cellar cooling equipment. Whether it’s installing, maintaining, or repairing a wine storage cooling system, an HVAC expert should be hired. A client from Irvine, California is a good example for other wine collectors to follow. When the client found that their wine room refrigeration unit was leaking refrigerant, they called M&M Cellar Systems for help.

Client in Irvine, Orange County Sought the Help of HVAC Technicians from M&M Cellar Systems

When a residential wine cellar owner in Irvine noticed that their cooling unit was leaking, they immediately called M&M Cellar Systems, a trusted wine storage cooling expert in California. A team of licensed HVAC professionals from the company went to the client’s residence to inspect the problem, and they found that their refrigeration system was leaking Freon.

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This wine cooling unit in a residential wine cellar in Irvine, California was leaking Freon. A team of wine cooling technicians from M&M Cellar Systems went to repair the leak. Learn more about M&M Cellar Systems by checking them out on Facebook!

The HVAC Repair Team Located the Leak Site to Fix it

Generally, when a wine cellar cooling unit is leaking Freon, it does not stop functioning immediately. The damage is gradual, and that is why refrigerant leaks are not noticeable until the entire refrigeration system has finally broken down. With the Irvine client, their cooling unit was still functioning properly, but it was not going to continue to do so if the leak was not repaired immediately.

To repair the cooling unit properly, the HVAC team had to find the exact location of the leak first. The cooling specialists used the UV Light Leak Detection Method. In this procedure, the technicians injected a dye into the cooling system. The dye was allowed to circulate through the refrigeration unit for about a month, and exit through the leak sites with the refrigerant.

Through the leak detection procedure, the team found that the leak was located inside the wine storage climate control unit. To repair the hole, they had to disassemble the unit. Once they gained access to the leak, they applied a can of stop leak to seal the problem.

Recovering and Reusing the Lost Freon

There are two known solutions to fix Freon leaks. The first way is by replacing the entire evaporator coil. Although this is a common practice, it is very costly to perform. The alternative method, which is less expensive, is draining out the Freon, sealing the leak, and recycling the Freon into the cooling system.

In the Irvine refrigeration unit repair project, the cooling experts decided to remove the Freon from the climate control system and seal the leak. They also made sure that the recovered refrigerant was kept clean and away from contaminants so that they could reuse it. To seal the hole, the team applied a can of stop leak. When the problem was completely repaired, they added back the recycled refrigerant into the cooling unit.

When the HVAC technicians recovered and reused the refrigerant, they made sure that no Freon was released into the air. Freon is harmful to the environment. Studies show that it can cause damage to the atmosphere.

The team of refrigeration experts had to come back a month after the repair to evaluate the effectiveness of the stop leak. When they did, they found that the problem was successfully fixed, because no refrigerant was leaking anymore. Consequently, the client was satisfied with the team’s service.

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Only a Licensed HVAC Specialist Should be Trusted with Your Wine Storage Cooling Unit

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Wine cellar cooling experts from M&M Cellar Systems. The team inspected the leaking cooling unit in Irvine, and they repaired the problem promptly. Find a licensed HVAC professional today by contacting M&M Cellar Systems. Find them on Google + by clicking here!