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If you’re planning to have a custom wine cellar built in Vancouver, Canada, you need an expert to design the wine room first. Regardless of whether it’s a residential custom wine cellar or a commercial custom wine cellar you would like, you need a wine cellar expert to help you design and construct an effective wine storage room.

Before the wine cellar design is made, consultation is done. There needs to be a thorough discussion between the

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designer and the client on many things, including how they wish to store, manage and display their wine collection.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has many in-house wine cellar design staff. All of them are trained and equipped to help clients create their dream custom wine cellar. When consulting with their staff, here are common questions asked, to help you come up with your dream wine cellar design:

  1. How many wine bottles do you intend to store, and do you plan to expand your wine collection?
  1. What types of wine do you intend to store? Do you plan to store large format wine bottles? Is wood case storage needed?
  1. Do you already have a contractor, or would you like to have one of our wine cellar specialist installers prepare your wine storage room?
  1. Do you want your custom wine cellar to have a showroom appearance so that you can bring your guests into, or is it merely a place to store your wines?

Blue Grouse Custom Wine Cellars will also provide clients with a free basic 3D design of their envisioned custom wine cellar. To get your own basic 3D wine cellar design you can click here and complete a form with the details of your project, or you can call them directly at +1 (888) 400-2675.

Tips on Designing Your Own Custom Wine Cellar in Vancouver


Designing your custom wine cellar in Vancouver can be very easy. As long as you know the basics, it does not have to be difficult at all. Of course, you need the guidance of a wine cellar specialist to make sure that you meet the requirements for proper wine storage.

1. First Thing’s First!

It’s very easy to start designing once you have established what you really want. It is important that you decide how you wish to store, manage and display your wine collection. Go through details, like the number and type of bottles, how the wine racks will look, how many bottles you intend to store, and whether you are going to store them long term or short term.

2. Other Details to Cover

Two of the most commonly forgotten elements during the designing phase of wine cellar construction are the wine cellar door and the wine cellar refrigeration system. It is very important to remember that wine cellar doors are not built in the same way regular doors are. How a wine cellar door is constructed can greatly affect the temperature and humidity inside a custom wine cellar. In the same way, wine cellar refrigeration units are very different from regular home air conditioning units. They are specifically configured to provide the ideal temperature and humidity for proper wine storage. Moreover, the wine cellar refrigeration system needed varies depending on the size, shape, and location of your custom wine cellar.

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Beautiful Custom Wine Cellar Design with Glass Door

Once you have discussed the details of your dream custom wine cellar with one of their trained design consultants, a design request is submitted to a team that will take your ideas, a and draft, sketch, and create a 3D wine cellar design. Once they have gathered all necessary information, it generally takes around 3 days for this design team to create a 3D design and email to you.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars’ 3D Designs

Custom Wine Racks Design

Unique Custom Design Wine Racks

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars provides a basic FREE 3D wine cellar design package to their clients. This is a highly detailed initial 3D drawing of your wine cellar. The design package is composed of many pages of drawings, including the plan view, the elevations, and various 3D views of the custom wine cellar. These pages are emailed to you in a PDF format.

The wine cellar designs that include multiple components, such as the wine racking, cooling systems, wine cellar door, wine cellar lighting, walls, etc. are provided for a fee of $249, plus applicable taxes. This fee covers your initial consultation, and up to 3 design revisions.

Custom Wine Cellar Construction Begins

Once you are happy with the designs, wine cellar construction can commence. The client and the designer will have further discussions on other details, such as the type of wood they want to use, and what stain or finish shall be applied. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has various wood types and finish options to choose, from so that their clients can truly achieve the custom wine cellar that they dream of.

Once all details are gathered and all questions are answered, a formal proposal is made and submitted to you so that the construction of the custom wine cellar can begin.

Some Key Points to Keep in Mind

Now that you know the process of designing a custom wine cellar, it is important to keep in mind these things when you talk to your wine cellar design consultant:

  1. Where exactly you want your custom wine cellar to be built (e.g. under the stairs, a whole room, in the basement, etc.)
  2. The type of wood you might want to use for your wine cellar. You can send wood samples if you have specific ones in mind.
  3. How big is your wine collection? How many wine bottles do you intend to store?
  4. Do you wish display some of the bottles in your collection?
  5. What decor would you like included?
  6. What material do you like for your wine cellar flooring?
  7. What lighting do you wish to have?

Have your dream custom wine cellar in Vancouver, Canada design by an expert today. Call Blue Grouse Wine Cellars at +1 (888) 400-2675!