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How oenophiles choose to store their wine collection can greatly impact the overall quality of their liquid assets. Proper wine storage requires a constant and stable environment, wherein the aging process can commence at the right pace. The ideal temperature and humidity for storing and aging wines falls into the 55°- 60°F and 60% – 75% range, respectively. Additionally, wine should be kept in the dark and stored away from odorous items.

There are various wine storage options available that will help preserve and enhance the taste and flavor of wines for a long period of time. Some wine geeks may decide to store their wines at home, in dedicated custom wine cellars Vancouver or wine cabinets. Another storage option involves renting a space at an off-site wine storage facility.

Custom Wine Cellars – Best Wine Storage Location for Wine Collectors in Vancouver

Custom Wine Cellars Vancouver

Custom Wine Cellars Vancouver

A wine cellar is considered the best location for storing and aging wines, because it is meticulously designed and carefully constructed, in order to achieve optimal temperature and humidity levels. Custom wine cellars have plenty of room to accommodate a growing wine collection, and some are spacious enough to double as a watering hole for fellow wine geeks.

The construction of custom wine cellars is a painstaking process that needs to satisfy several prerequisites to help establish the ideal Vancouver wine storage environment. An efficient custom wine room must have the following components: insulation, a vapor barrier, a wine cellar cooling system, and an exterior grade door.

Insulation helps maintain the cool temperature, while vapor barriers hinder mold infestation. An exterior grade entry door is purpose-built to provide an excellent seal to a wine storage room. Wine cellar cooling systems are specifically engineered to regulate the climate conditions inside a wine cellar space.

Custom wine cellars Vancouver are not only designed to reflect the personality of the collector, but also the so-called wine lifestyle. The interior of a wine cellar space can be customized to showcase the aesthetic taste of a wine enthusiast. Various materials like wood, metal, and reclaimed wine barrel components can be used to create wine racking, flooring, and an entryway door. Installing lighting fixtures and art pieces can create a dramatic effect, as well as add visual appeal to the room.

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