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Custom Wine Racks are Better Than Premade Wine Racks

When having your custom wine cellar built in Vancouver, Canada, the type and style of the wine racks are among the most important aspects. Although there are premade wine racks on the market, they may not fit your available space well, or be exactly the style that you are looking for. Premade wine racks, like kit wine racks and modular wine racks, come in specific modules and sizes.

In order to get the wine racks that fit your wine storage needs and meet your preferred style, you need to find a company that constructs custom wine racks. There are various wine rack designers and builders in Vancouver, Canada.

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Have Your Wine Racks Built by Professionals

There are some people who opt to build their wine racks themselves. The problem with this is that their wine racks will not turn out to be as effective and/or as functional as they should. Custom wine racks have details and specific parts that the average person would not even think about. The cubicle size, for example, must be correct, so that the wine bottles that you store will fit accordingly. The rails upon which the bottles will be placed must be correctly sanded, too, so that they do not tear the wine bottle labels. Wine racks should also be constructed in such a way that the degree of angle for the display does not exceed 15 degrees, so that the corks are in constant contact with the wine, and are thereby kept from drying out and shrinking.

There are also some people who, with the intention of cutting costs, entrust the construction of their custom wine racks to a carpenter. Carpenters, generally, do not have adequate knowledge on proper wine storage, and therefore do not know the details necessary to constructing functional wine racks.

Wines cannot be stored properly if your custom wine racks are not built properly. Making a durable and functional custom wine rack in Canada is not something that an average person or a carpenter can do. You must entrust the construction of your custom wine racks to a professional.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to wine storage solutions. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars offers various types of wine racks, including custom wine racks.

Custom Wine Rack Materials

Generally, wine racks can be made from any material. Besides wooden wine racks, there are metal wine racks, glass wine racks, and many other material combinations. Although wine racks can be made from virtually any material, wooden wine racks are the most popular racks in Canada.

Choosing the wood specie to be used in building wooden wine racks is very important. There are wood types that do not last, especially when exposed to humid environments. Some wood species are prone to rotting. There are also wood species that may be durable and rot resistant, but emit an odor that can affect the flavor of your wines. It is essential that you select the right kind of wood when having custom wooden wine racks constructed. The best types of wood to be use are Mahogany and Redwood. Both of these types of wood are resistant to rot and mildew, and are also very beautiful.

1. Mahogany

Mahogany is a type of hardwood. It is the most popular type of wood used for custom wine racks in Vancouver, Canada. Mahogany is characterized by its fairly smooth grain. Almost all wood stains apply well to this kind of wood.

Mahogany Wine Cellar Wood

Mahogany for Custom Wine Racks

Opinions on staining wine racks vary in Vancouver. Some people say that wine racks should never be stained, because staining can create odors that can pass through the wine corks and damage the wines. There is some truth to this. Some stains do create odors that can affect the flavor of wine. The solution is to never stain your custom wine racks yourself. You must have a professional wine rack builder select the appropriate stains for your custom wine racks.

2. Redwood

Redwood is the second most popular choice for custom wine racks, and is also one of the most durable types of wood. There are actually two types of Redwood species, and both come from the same tree. Both are durable and rot resistant. The choice between the two is determined by the look you wish to achieve in your wine cellar, and upon your budget.

a. All Heart Redwood

All Heart Redwood is wood harvested from the center of the Redwood tree. This wood has a beautiful deep red color throughout. Among the two types of Redwoods, All Heart Redwood is the most expensive.

Custom WIne Rack Wood All Heart Redwood

All Heart Redwood for your Wine Racks

b. Premium Redwood

The second type of Redwood is Premium Redwood. It tends to have an almost whitish color, with reddish streaks running through it. Premium Redwood is naturally resistant to rot and mildew. It is also a good choice for long term wine storage.

Wine Rack Material Premium Redwood

Premium Redwood for Custom Wine Racks

Whether your custom wooden wine racks are made from Mahogany or Redwood, you may have them lacquered or leave them unfinished. Some people leave them unfinished, so that their racks will have a more rustic appearance in the wine storage room. Applying a lacquer will give your wine racks a furniture-like finish. It really depends on your personal preference.

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Blue Grouse Custom Wine Cellars is one of the most trusted company when it comes to wine storage solutions in Vancouver, Canada. They manufacture quality custom wine cellars and custom wine racks that meet your needs and fit your budget. Their wine cellar experts can consult you on what you need to make sure that your wine collection is kept safe and is allowed to age tastefully. They also offer FREE 3D design of your dream custom wine cellar and are willing to assist you from designing to the complete construction of your custom wine storage room. Have your residential custom wine cellar designed and built by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars! For more information about Blue Grouse and their products and services, please contact +1 (888) 400-2675.