Installation of Metal Wine Racks from Vintage View Storage Solutions

Metal racks are the top choice of builders that design contemporary wine rooms in Vancouver, Canada. Vintage View Wine Racks are among the most durable steel wine displays available in California. Their patented Wall Series are the most in-demand of their products. 

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Contemporary wine cellars are best built with modern materials installed, such as metal racks. Vintage View Wine Racks offer the most durable types of steel displays in Vancouver, Canada.

Wall Series Metal Racking System for Contemporary Cellars

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Wall Series metal wine racking system by Vintage View Storage Solutions. These steel displays can be used to efficiently maximize wine cellar space!

The Wall Series of wine racks from Vintage View is a collection most suitable for storage rooms in Vancouver that have limited spaces. These modular display systems are made from high grade steel, and they are available in four standard height options, as well as three bottle depth choices.

This beautiful racking series also has options for large format wines, such as magnums and champagne bottles. You can choose to have the racks applied with one of the following finish options: black chrome, chrome, satin black, and brushed nickel.

Floor to Wall Frames for the Wall Series Metal Racks

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The Floor to Ceiling Frames from Vintage View Wine Racks. These frames are used to install the Wall Series racking collection.

The racks in the patented Wall Series can be installed in any way possible, through the Floor to Ceiling Frames. Before these frames, there were a lot of limitations on how to set up the metal racks. It was difficult, if not impossible, to mount racks around windows, on challenging angles, and on hard-to-reach heights. But, with the use of the Floor to Ceiling Frames, you can install the Wall Series racks in any way you want.

These frames are made from robust steel, and they can be used to create bottle walls. Some cellar owners have walls of bottles built as dividers for their wine rooms. The frames can be used to construct walls as high as any ceiling height.

The Floor to Ceiling Frames are available in these finish options: chrome, black chrome, satin black, and brushed nickel.

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Build modern wine rooms using steel racks from Vintage View! These racking systems are made from robust steel!

How to Install the Wall Series Racks Using the Floor to Ceiling Frames

Below is a step by step instruction on how to install the Wall Series metal wine racks using the Floor to Ceiling Frames. You may also watch the instructional video by clicking here.

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    Your prized wine bottles are safely stored if they rest on durable racks. Metal is the strongest kind of material used for racking systems in Vancouver, Canada!

    Floor to Ceiling Frame Sections

  2. Base Plates
  3. Plastic couplers
  4. Self-drilling screws
  5. Wall Series metal wine racks
  6. Phillips head screw driver
  7. Tape Measure
  8. Metal file
  9. Pencil
  10. Level
  11. Drill
  12. Saw (Either a hacksaw, band saw, or a reciprocating saw)

Step 1: Measure the Ceiling Height and Mark the Frames

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First step in installing the Floor to Ceiling Frames is to take accurate measurements.

To get a more accurate measurement, check the ceiling height at multiple points. Then, insert plastic couplers into the open ends of one of the frame sections, and place the two frames on the ground interlaced with each other. Position the frames in a way that the total length of the two frames together is equivalent to the height of your ceiling.

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Ceilings are not perfectly flat. To get its accurate height, it’s best to measure the ceiling at multiple points.

The next step is to mark both legs of the other frame section based on where it levels with the couplers of the first frame section. If the mark is aligned with a cross rail, cut two inches off the frame section with couplers, and repeat the process again.

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The length of the frames should be equivalent to the height of your cellar ceiling. Do not use an abrasive saw in cutting the metal frames.

Step 2: Cut the Frame

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Using the right type of saw, cut the frame into the measured length.

Once you have the right measurement, it’s time to cut the frame. You may use either a reciprocating saw, a hacksaw, or a band saw, but never an abrasive cut-off saw. Using the mark as your guide, cut the frame and smoothen the ends using a metal file.

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Also, smoothen the edges with a file after cutting the steel.

Step 3: Assemble the Frame

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Assemble the Floor to Ceiling Frame together with the Wall Series metal racks in preparation for installation.

Once the frames are all ready, slide them together using the couplers. Then, attach the Wall Series metal racks securely to the front and back of the frames using self-drilling screws. Make sure that the joint is supported on both sides. If you plan to have a one-sided display only, it is important to have a Floor to Ceiling Frame Back for support.

Step 4: Install the Frame

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Once the frames and the racks are properly installed, you may start adding your wine collection to the display.

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Once the frame is aligned with the ceiling, attach the base plates securely.

It’s time to set up the frame for use. Stand the rack in the area where you want it installed. Make sure that the frame is aligned and plumb. Secure the base plate to the ceiling using fasteners. Check to see if the frame is still level before you attach the base plate to the cellar floor.

Contemporary Wine Cellar Designed by an Expert

Have your own residential wine storage structure designed by a trusted cellar specialist in Vancouver, Canada. Our experts are well-experienced in helping clients create their dream wine cellars. Our team is more than willing to assist you with the process, from conceptualizing the style, to the construction of your contemporary wine storage space. Call us today, and we’ll help you plan for your modern wine room. You can reach us at +1 (888) 400-2675!