Coastal Completes a Residential Custom Wine Cellar Construction Project in Vancouver

Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Door with an Elegant Radius Top

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This meticulously designed wine cellar door keeps the storage room tightly sealed.

Doors are an essential part of a custom wine cellar, because they help ensure that the storage space is airtight. A substandard door can negatively affect the temperature and humidity balance inside the cellar. But besides functionality, a wine room door should also be aesthetically appealing. A beautifully designed door can accentuate the overall style of the home wine cellar. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars designed and installed the Vancouver storage room door.

The home wine cellar door for this project was made of wrought iron. It had meticulous design details of grape clusters and vines. The door is approximately eighty inches tall with a gorgeous arch or radius top. The design is called “The Huntington,” because it was conceptualized and drawn by one of Coastal’s previous clients from Huntington Beach. A lot of other clients liked the design, and that is why it has been used a number of times in other wine storage structures.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers a wide variety of doors with a range of sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from. Coastal’s door installation service includes the setting up of casement moldings, dual pane glass, weather stripping, jamb, and self-sealing door bottom.

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Top Wine Room Construction Expert – Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Wine requires the ideal conditions for it to mature properly. The right temperature and humidity for aging wines can be provided by building an effective custom wine cellar. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the most trusted experts in wine cellar construction. Coastal has more than a decade of experience in building dependable wine rooms. They are reputable for providing high quality services and for consistently meeting their customer’s expectations.

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