Excellent Tips on How to Serve the Wine Properly

Wine is a beverage that most people consider as a staple in any celebration or special occasion. To enjoy wine to the fullest, you need to store and serve it correctly. Here are tips on how to serve wine properly for a more enjoyable experience.

The Art of Serving Wine – How to Enjoy Wine to the Fullest

How to Serve the Wines in Your Custom Wine Cellar?

How to Serve the Wines in Your Custom Wine Cellar?

Most people consider wine as an indispensable part of any celebration or special occasion. Having wine served at a party makes any gathering extra special. Wine, though, need to be served in a certain way for it to be truly enjoyed. Have a fuller wine experience by learning the following tips on how to properly serve the wines from your custom wine cellar in Vancouver, Canada:

1. Know the Right Serving Temperature

To enjoy the wines in your wine cellar better, you need to know their correct serving temperatures. Knowing the right temperatures for serving wines is very important because it impacts the wine’s taste. White wines that are served too cold tend to lose taste, becoming dull and flavorless. Red wines, on the other hand, can taste acidic and metallic when served too cold.

Each type of wine actually has a different serving temperature, but the general rule is to serve white wines chilled around 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, while red wines should be served cooled only around 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Learn How to Pour the Wine Properly

Not a lot of people know that how you pour wine actually affects how it will taste. Most wine experts will tell you that proper pouring of wine has a great impact on how your wine experience will be. This is because you want to allow room in the wine glass for swirling and aeration. The general rules when filling a glass with red wine is to fill it one third full. If it’s white wine, pour it half full. And if it’s sparkling wine or champagne, fill the glass three quarters. Wine experts also recommend filling the wine glass to its widest point, especially when you’re using large ones.

Decanting is another process that wine lovers should learn about. Decanting is a process that allows you to remove sediment in older red wines. Decanting also improves the flavor of red wines through aeration. The time needed to wait before you can serve wine after you decant it depends on the type of wine and vintage. Additionally, keep in mind that before you decant, let the bottle rest upright to allow sediment to settle to the bottom first. Then, slowly pour the wine at an angle to prevent the sediment from pouring into your decanter.

3. Consider Using the Right Wine Glasses for Each Type of Wine

Store your wines effectively in a wine cellar.

Store your wines effectively in a wine cellar.

When you want to drink a specific type of wine from your residential custom wine cellar in Vancouver, Canada, you want to make sure you have the right type of wine glass to drink it with. Wine glasses make a huge difference in your wine drinking experience. To enjoy the wines in your home wine cellar fully, you need to serve wine properly using the appropriate type of wine glasses.

1. Tulip Shaped Wine Glasses

These types of wine glasses are used for serving white wines. The narrow bowl at the bottom of the glass allows the white wine to stay cooler for a longer time.

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