Identifying Wines for Long Term and Short Term Wine Storage

Wines generally taste better when allowed to age. But wines vary in the amount of time they need to be stored in a wine cellar in Vancouver, Canada. Learn the difference between short term and long term wine storage.

Short Term vs. Long Term Wine Storage in Vancouver, Canada

Wines are best kept safe when stored in a residential custom wine cellar built in Vancouver, Canada. But different wines have different storage requirements. There are types of wines that can and should be enjoyed after a few months, while others take many years to reach their best flavor.

It is important to learn the difference between short term and long term wine storage, because how long you store your wine will determine which method of wine storage you should use.

Wines in a Wine Cellar

Which Wines are for Long Term Storage and Which are for Short Term?

What is Short Term Wine Storage?

Short term wine storage keeping wine in a wine storage solution for a maximum of 6 months before its consumption. But it is recommended by many wine experts that, even when you are not planning on long term aging for short term storage wines, the wines are still stored in conditions that resemble those necessary for long term storage, so that you can sure of the maintained/improved quality of your wines.

The Ideal Conditions for Short Term Wine Storage

Although you will not necessarily be aging short term storage wines, a stable temperature is still very important, to protect wines from spoiling. Ideally, the temperature in a wine cellar should be within 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit, with minimal to no fluctuations. Frequent fluctuations can cause premature aging. Moreover, make sure that the wine storage room is free from vibrations, and is odorless. It is also recommended to keep wines lying on their sides, to ensure that the cork is in constant contact with the wine.

Ideal Storage Solution for Short Term Storage Wines

A wine refrigerator is the most ideal wine storage solution for short term wine storage. Wine coolers are cost-efficient, and are offered in convenient sizes. Wine fridges protect wines from vibration, and also allow them to be kept on their sides, so that the corks are kept moist. Unlike a regular refrigerator, you can be sure that a wine refrigerator will keep your wines in an odor-free environment. Strong odors can negatively affect the flavor and aroma of your wines.

If you are not ready to buy a wine refrigerator yet, you can use a cool, dark place in your home as a temporary alternative. Find a place that is rarely used, like a closet, or a portion of your basement. Wines can be kept safe if kept in a box, or on wine racks lying on their side. However, before you serve your wines, make sure that cooled to their respective ideal serving temperatures.

Wine Cellar Wine Storage

Wines Stored in a Wine Cellar in Canada

What is Long Term Wine Storage?

Long term wine storage is for wines that need to be stored in a home custom wine cellar longer than 6 months before they can be best enjoyed. This also often refers to wine that needs to be aged longer than 6 months to develop their flavors properly. But there are times when wines end up in long term storage because of sheer quantity. For example, you purchased several cases from a winery you recently visited. While you are not necessarily aging the wines, there is a huge chance that they’ll be stored in your wine cellar longer than they should be, because you won’t be able to consume them all in 6 months!

Ideal Storage Solution for Short Term Storage Wines

The ideal conditions for proper long term wine storage include a dark location that is high in humidity and low in temperature. The temperature and humidity should be stable. Also, the location should be free from vibrations.

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