Luxurious Custom Wine Cellar Design for a High-end Home in West Vancouver

Diamond Bins and Case Storage

Some wine collectors buy wines by the bottle, while others buy wines in bulk. On this project, the owner usually buys wines in cases, so Blue Grouse Wine Cellars decided to add diamond bins.

This wine rack style allows for proper organization of the wines. It stores one bottle on top of another, maximizing the storage capacity of the room.

They also thought that adding large rectangular bins was perfect for accommodating the wood cases. There are three shelves of rectangular bins. Each level can store two cases of wines.

Arch and Countertop Area

The arch with a countertop area adds functionality and elegance to this custom wine cellar in West Vancouver. Both walls have this feature, providing a space for organizing, decanting, and serving wine. The client loves to use this area to display some of his scotch bottles. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars highlighted it with a puck light installed at the top of the archway.

Display Row and Individual Wine Racks

On both sides of the arch are wine racks with bottle openings for storing standard bottles individually. A display row lines the middle section of the racking, allowing the owner to highlight some of her favorite vintages.

The bottles in the display row are stored at an angle to prevent the cork from drying out. When the cork dries out, it will lose its elasticity and allow an unwanted amount of oxygen to enter the bottle. When this happens, oxidation will occur when air mixes with the wine. Wine will be spoiled, resulting in a waste of investment.

Dramatic Lighting and Flooring for the Custom Wine Cellar in West Vancouver

Wine Cellar Lighting in Archway and Display Row

Wine Cellar Lighting in Archway and Display Row

The right choice of lighting can help preserve the quality of your wines until they are consumed and can make your wine cellar look more appealing.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights were used to illuminate the client’s wine display dramatically. This type of lighting system is ideal for climate-controlled wine cellars because they emit minimal heat. Regular bulbs emit UV light, which can be detrimental to wine.

Another advantage of the LED lighting system is its longer lifespan. Although a bit more expensive than other types of lights, it can last longer, saving you money in the long run.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars constructed the flooring from wood. They arranged the wood to make it look fashionable and artistic like the flooring in a church or basilica.

A Master Builder Will Build a Luxurious Wine Room for You

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars was honored to complete this custom wine cellar installation project for an interior designer in West Vancouver. They made use of wooden wine racks to meet the needs of the client. If you need help in building a wine storage facility in your traditional or modern home, contact Blue Grouse Wine Cellars at 604-929-3180.

3-Dimensional Drawing Home Wine Cellar West Vancouver

3-Dimensional Drawing Home Wine Cellar West Vancouver

Drawings of Traditional Custom Wood Wine Cellar in West Vancouver

Drawings of Traditional Custom Wood Wine Cellar in West Vancouver

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