Finished New Jersey Wine Cellar Project

New Jersey Wine Cellar Shows How to Improve a Niche

The team started out by creating a scaled 3D model of the wine rack that was about to be installed. In particular, the team decided that they had to construct the enclosure to be 25 inches deep so that it could hold multiple bottles of wine in a single row. In addition, a high-reveal display row was also included in the plan, which would allow the bottles to be placed at a fifteen-degree angle (and which would also allow the contents of the wine bottles to maintain contact with their respective corks).

Finally, a tabletop piece was added to the front of the wine rack to make sure there would always be a place for anyone to drink wine without having to go to the nearest table outside of the cellar. Of course, once the team had realized this plan for a functional wine rack, then came the next step: cooling.

Cooling is No Joke

Los Angeles Residential Wine Cellars – The Niche Transformation
One of the things the team accounted for prior to planning the wine cellar was “respecting” the boundaries the niche belonged in. So, not only did they keep the wall around it intact, they even extended parts of it to make sure that the wine cellar remained fully regulated. Of course, the team had to strip the existing wall bare and re-seal it back again so that it would meet the purposes of refrigeration, but not before they re-routed the existing wirings that were part of that space.

Many wine cellars of the past boasted large cooling units that would barely fit into the space the team was working in for this project. Thankfully, there are many products today that are tailor-made to provide wine refrigeration in small spaces. One of those is the CellarPro 1800 series, a self-contained top vent cooling unit that was installed via an opening that had air being brought in from the pantry in the front and exhausted via another hole in the ceiling.

A New Jersey Wine Cellar For The Ages

The entire project was completed in three months, and the client could not have been any happier with how it turned out. We are offering a free 3-D consultation for anyone interested in obtaining our services, and you could check out our user reviews while you’re at it. Of course, you could also call us at 949-355-4376, and we’d be more than happy to talk with you about your wine cellar concerns!

Finished New Jersey Wine Cellar Project

This is the finished New Jersey wine cellar project.

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