Construction of a Unique Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Vancouver, Canada

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Elegant display row lined with LED lighting.

There are various options of wood storage cases on the market, and they come in different sizes. Some of these wooden boxes can accommodate anywhere from three to twelve bottles, depending on the design. The shelves in the Vancouver residential wine cellar were custom-designed. The openings of each case were built to accommodate wines of varying sizes, including, standard champagnes, Turley Zinfandels, Oregon Pinots, Shiraz, and other large format bottles.

A display row accented with LED lighting was also included in one of the shelves. The client was very happy with the display row not only because it made his storage room look more elegant, but also because he can use it as an efficient management tool. The bottles inside the wine cellar can easily be kept organized by storing similar wines above and below the display row.

The Vancouver home wine room originally had a mini cellar that was intended for whites, champagnes, and other wines that needed to be stored at a cooler temperature. The client gave that mini cellar away as a gift, and now there is an empty space in the storage room. The contractors from Coastal came back to build more single bottle storage racks that will be used to fill the area where the mini cellar used to be.

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Dependable Wine Cellar Cooling System from Arctic Metalworks Inc. 

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Coastal made a louvered grill to conceal the cellar cooling equipment.

Wines need to be stored in a cellar that has an efficient refrigeration system installed. Without a quality HVAC unit, the storage room cannot provide the needed climate conditions for keeping wines safe from spoilage. Custom residential cellars vary in size and number of bottles stored, and because of this, each wine room needs different wine cooling equipment. To determine the most suitable HVAC system for a cellar, a cooling specialist has to be consulted. For the Vancouver home wine cellar, Arctic Metalworks Inc., one of the most trusted refrigeration systems experts, installed a ductless split type HVAC unit.

The team of technicians from Arctic Metalworks Inc. mounted the cooling system’s evaporator on the wine cellar wall. The condenser was placed outside. This setup is great because the evaporating unit can function quietly in the wine room. Also, the client appreciated the fact that there was no hot air being exhausted anywhere in his house.

Since the evaporator was very mechanical-looking, the client wanted it to be hidden from view. The builders from coastal created a wooden box for the HVAC equipment, and they added a louvered grill to conceal it. The box and the grill were built using the same wood that the racks and the shelves were made from.

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