Vancouver Custom Wine Cellar Renovation Project

We’ve got some horizontal display bottles right up against the glass, so that made a nice end cap to the racking given that the side racking was going to be visible through the custom glass doors.

Custom Wine Cellar Racking - Diamond Bins

Custom Wood Racking Components

You’ll also notice LED spot lights as the general room lighting. LED is great because it doesn’t emit too much heat inside the wine cellar. Here is a closer view of some of the lower wine racks.

You can see here is where we’ve got the individual bottles slots and over on the right side, some open bins for bulk storage.

The client had opted on some cases to take out the diagonal slats that further divide that bin and actually help them increase the storage. Some clients will also even fit in some smaller wood cases by doing that.

Handles on Frameless Glass Doors into Custom Wine Cellar

Brushed Nickel Pull Handles

A close up view of the handles that the client selected. Again, in a brushed nickel finish, and through here, you can see a nice view of the display row.

The display row does elevate the bottles a little bit on an angle but they’re only at about 15 degrees, so that the corks still stay wet. That’s proper wine storage positioning.

You don’t want bottles standing up any further than that because your corks can dry out and contribute to oxidization.

The final shots here of the bulk storage bins. Again, somewhere the client’s taking out the diagonal slats, they’ve a few wood cases.

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Blue Grouse Wine Cellars CanadaThank you for watching. Hope you enjoyed this wine cellar video. If you need some help with your wine cellar project, we offer full turnkey solutions as we did for this plan, actually building out, renovating that room, putting in the vapor barrier and insulation, lighting, and electrical plumbing. We did the whole thing very easy for them.

We can do bits and pieces if you’re working with a contractor or you happen to have a builder that has some of those skills and can take care of some of the renovations.

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