Vintage View Wine Racks for a Contemporary Residential Wine Cellar in Vancouver, Canada

Your wine storage solution needs to be effective in keeping wines safe, but it does not have to be dull and boring. Wine collectors in Vancouver, Canada can have both a functional and an aesthetically appealing residential wine cellar if they use the right wine racking system. Create a beautiful contemporary residential wine cellar by using Vintage View wine racks.

Wine Collection Basics: The Need for a Residential Wine Cellar

Wine collecting

Wine collection in Vancouver, Canada

If we go back in history, wine was something that only those who had noble blood could enjoy. These days, anyone can enjoy a glass of wine, and almost anyone can start a wine collection. The main thing you need before starting to collect wines is a place to store them. Wine is a very delicate beverage that needs to be kept in the ideal conditions in order to protect its quality. The most ideal wine storage solution in Vancouver, Canada is a residential wine cellar.

Making Your Wine Cellar Stand Out

Wine Racks by Blue Grouse

Vintage View Wine Racks by Blue Grouse

A lot of people in Vancouver, Canada area are getting into the hobby of wine collecting, and are having residential wine cellars built. The challenge for new wine collectors now is to make their wine storage room stand out from the rest. One way to make a home wine cellar unique is by carefully choosing what type of wine racking system to install. Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks is a good option to consider.

What are Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks

There are various kinds of wine racking systems in Vancouver, Canada, and Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks are one of the most popular choices. With this kind of wine racking system, the wine bottles are positioned in such a way that the labels are visible instead of the wine corks, like in a traditional wine racking setup. Moreover, Vintage View Wine Racks are designed in such away that they can be stacked or cut for a perfect fit in almost any wine storage space.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Builds a Unique Wine Cellar with Vintage View Wine Racks

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is a trusted wine cellar designer and builder in Canada known for creating beautiful residential and commercial wine storage solutions. One of their most successful projects is this contemporary looking residential wine cellar.

Vintage View Wine Racking

Wine cellar in Canada with Vintage View Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

The area was an L-shaped room that the client wanted to convert into a functional wine storage room. The biggest challenge in this wine cellar construction project was the limited space. To deal with this challenge, Blue Grouse did all the necessary renovations in the room and created inset cubbies. These inset cubbies built into the wall made sure that the racking mounted in them were even with the cubby and did not stick out past the depth of the walls. The owner of the wine cellar loved how the inset cubbies turned out.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars mounted Vintage View Wine Racks in this unique home wine cellar, and applied a brushed nickel finish. The wine racking was designed to be 3 bottles deep. If Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racking is used, the cost is very similar, whether you have the racking go 1 bottle deep, 2 bottles deep or 3 bottles deep. Since there isn’t really a lot of difference cost-wise, most clients choose to have their wine racks 3-bottles deep, so that they can have the option to expand their collection if they want to in the future. The racks were front-loaded, but should the wine collection expand, there are 2 more bottle slots available in each wine rack.

A little display area in a corner of the residential wine cellar room was included. Wooden cases can be placed in this display area.

Blue Grouse Manufactures Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racking Systems

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars manufactures Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks, and offers them in various custom color options, that range from satin black to brushed nickel standard finishes. Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks provide more bottle density compared to traditional wine racks, and offer a safe storage solution because of their rugged steel design.

Vintage View Wine Racks are designed in such a way that air can flow through the racks and around each wine bottle. This design feature ensures that the temperature in the wine cellar is evenly distributed among the wine bottles. It also makes this kind of wine racking system ideal for long term wine storage.

Vintage View Wine Racking Systems are a popular choice in Vancouver, Canada, because compared to standard wine racks, this kind is easy to install. But even if they are easy to install, Blue Grouse offers installation services for Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks to clients who are within the Vancouver lower mainland area. It is good to have their crew install the racks, so that you can be sure that it is done correctly.

Another reason Vintage View Wine Racks are popular in Vancouver, Canada is that they are quite easy to maintain. They are made from durable materials and can last a very long time if maintained properly. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars also offers a limited lifetime guarantee for Vintage View Wine Racks.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars supplies Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks out of the United States and has them manufactured overseas. This means that clients in Canada will incur freight charges, as well as duty and brokerage fees, on top of the wine racks’ selling price. To avoid making this wine racking system too costly for their clients, Blue Grouse imports them in bulk quantities and keeps them in their warehouse in North Vancouver, BC. This lowers the total shipping and import costs to a competitive price that can fit your budget.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is a company based in Canada, but has many clients in the United States. Generally, clients in the United States have Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks shipped directly from the supplier. This is to avoid import fees. A shipping charge will apply, and this is to be quoted depending on where the client is in the US.

For more information about their products and services, contact Blue Grouse Wine Cellars today at +1 (888) 400-2675.