Wine Storage Needs: An Effective Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

When starting a wine collection in Vancouver, Canada, you must understand that wine needs a safe storage place. Wines require certain conditions to be met in order for them to age properly. Wine is a very complex beverage. There are various chemical reactions that cause the flavor and aroma of wine to change over time, and some can have a negative effect due to fluctuations in the wine storage environment.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units in Canada

In olden times, wine collectors used various means to keep wines in the ideal temperature and conditions for aging. The ancient Romans, for example, stored their wines inside their catacombs, because these places had these ideal conditions: a constant, low temperature, humid, dark, and vibration-free environment. These days, the ideal place to age wine is in a residential custom wine cellar. Although where to store wine has changed over time, the same principle still applies ideal conditions are essential for wines to age properly.

There are various wine cellar designers and builders in Vancouver, Canada, but none of these will ever be effective in keeping wines in the ideal conditions without an effective wine cellar cooling unit. Learn more about wine cellar refrigeration systems in Vancouver, Canada by reading through this article.

Advancements in technology have helped many wine collectors age their wines more effectively. In our generation today, we now have climate control units that can provide the ideal temperature and humidity necessary for wines to age tastefully.

Wine cellar refrigeration units are not the same as regular home air conditioners. They are specifically designed to cool and humidify wine cellars to the levels that are ideal for wine storage. Regular home air conditioners cannot provide these ideal conditions.

Types of Wine Cellar Cooling Units in Vancouver, Canada

In Canada, there are basically 3 types of wine cellar refrigeration systems, and they are the through the wall cooling units, split type refrigeration systems, and self-contained ducted cooling systems. Each type of these wine cellar cooling systems requires a different specification to operate properly.

Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems in Canada

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