Understanding What Wine Cellar Cooling Units Are

A wine cellar refrigeration system is an integral part of a wine storage solution. It is responsible for providing the cool temperature and humidity to wines inside a wine storage room,so that they can age and develop properly. Without a good cooling system installed, a wine cellar will be rendered useless.

What is a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit?

A wine cellar cooling unit is similar to a regular air conditioning unit, but not quite the same. A wine cellar cooling system is specifically built to cater to the wine storage needs of wine cellars. Only a wine cellar cooling unit can provide the specific temperature and humidity levels that wines need to develop their aromas and flavors. At its core, a wine cellar refrigeration system is an air exchanger. It basically provides cool air to a wine cellar, while removing the warm air that rises to the top and sending it into an exhaust room.


Basic Elements of a Good Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

Wine cellar refrigeration systems in Vancouver, Canada come in various shapes, sizes and configurations. It can be really difficult to determine which brand is best fit for your wine storage room.To make it easier to choose the right wine cellar cooling system, here are the standard requirements of a quality wine cellar cooling unit:

1. A Good Wine Cellar Cooling Unit is Durable.

It is imperative that your wine cellar cooling unit in Vancouver, Canada, has a long lifespan. Generally, the longer the lifespan of a refrigeration system, the more expensive it is. Wine cellar cooling systems that are on the lower end of the market usually last around 1 to 4 years, but there are a few that are known to last longer when used under the ideal conditions. High quality wine cellar refrigeration units can last from 5 to 7 years, with some brands lasting even longer.

2. Choose Wine Cellar Cooling Units That Produce Minimal Noise

A wine cellar cooling unit is the most common source of noise in a wine storage room. The problem with noise is that, if it is excessive, it can cause vibrations in the wine racks and there by disturb the aging and development process of the wines. The amount of noise that a wine cellar cooling unit produces depends on its quality and on how it is configured. Some types of cooling units produce minimal noise, while others are very noisy.

3. Your Cellar Refrigeration Unit Should Be Efficient

The efficiency of a wine cellar refrigeration system is essential. How does the cooling unit perform the task at hand? There are cooling units that can cool a room to the ideal temperature, but cannot maintain it for very long. Some cooling units have trouble functioning should the outside temperature become too warm or too cold. There are also some refrigeration units that have a problem with temperature uniformity, producing cooler and warmer spots through the custom wine cellar.

Many times, the design and construction of the wine cellar play a large role in how well the wine cellar refrigeration system functions. If a wine cellar is not properly insulated, and if it isn’t completely air tight, a wine cellar cooling unit will fail to function effectively. Also, if you install a cooling unit that is too small for a large wine storage room, the unit will fail to do its job properly, and can even be damaged.

Types of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems in Vancouver, Canada

There are various types of wine cellar cooling units in Vancouver, Canada, but they can be categorized into two basic kinds.

1. Self-Contained Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

A self-contained wine cellar cooling unit has both the evaporator and condenser contained in one single housing. There are two subtypes of self-contained wine cellar cooling units and they are:

a. Ductless Self-Contained Wine Cellar Cooling Units

This is the easiest to install, because you simply mount the cooling unit through the wall of the home wine cellar. An HVAC professional is not needed for the installation of this unit. The major advantage of ductless self-contained wine cellar cooling systems is that they are very cost-effective. The common complaint for this kind of cooling system is that it produces a lot of noise in the wine storage room.

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