Wine Cellar Installations – Metro Vancouver(Coquitlam BC)

Wine Cellar Installations – Metro Vancouver(Coquitlam BC)

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Residential Wine Cellar Installations metro Vancouver (Coquitlam BC)

Modular Wine Cellar in Coquitlam BC

Hi, I’m Adrienne from Blue Grouse Wine Cellars and I’m going to tell you a little bit about the project that we recently completed for some clients in Coquitlam area, which is just East of Vancouver part of the Metro Vancouver area in British Columbia.

This client came to us originally about 3 or 4 years ago looking for a few modular wine racks, and now they were coming back to us because they needed more racks to build out a whole Vancouver residential wine cellar, because now they have a room dedicated specifically for wines, and they wanted everything to match.

The 3D Drawings

Modular Redwood Wine Cellar Drawings Modular Redwood Wine Cellar Drawing elevation AModular Redwood Wine Cellar Drawing plan view Modular Redwood Wine Cellar Drawings elevation B and C

These are the recent drawings that we ended up doing for them, and this uses all Blue Grouse modular wine racking. We did do some modifications to the racking and not shown in the drawings here. How we’re gonna do that so that they could have a custom countertop area.

This is the overhead view and you can see the measurements of the wine room. This is the back wall here, where they were planning to have originally some sort of stone or tile feature on the back wall their designer was trying to look after. You’ll see in the finished photos that end up changing a little bit.

Custom Wine Rack Features

Vancouver residential wine cellar design

Modular Wine Cellar Racks

They have some diamond bins which are great for bulk wine storage and lots of individual bottle slots.

They have a countertop in a matching plywood that matches the finish of the wine racks, which were all redwood, all hardwood so it has a nice consistent color.

You can see there’s a display row running horizontally through the middle of the wine racks, and we ended up adding lighting above that, behind the lighting valance that shines down on all the bottles in the display row, and it’s a nice feature.

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