Various Wood Types Used for Wooden Wine Racks in Vancouver, Canada

Wine racks can be made from a variety of materials, such as metal, glass, plastic, and wood. The most popular among these materials is wood. There are various options of wood species to use for wooden wine racks. Learn about the most popular wood choices for your wooden wine racks in Vancouver, Canada.

Wines Need to be Kept in a Wine Cellar with Quality Wine Racks

Wines are very sensitive beverages. This means that if they aren’t stored in the ideal climate conditions, they can be damaged. A genuine wine enthusiast will invest in a good wine storage solution for their wine collection. The most ideal wine storage solution is a wine cellar. When having your wine cellar designed, one of the things to consider is the wine racking.

Why Choose Wooden Wine Racks in Vancouver, Canada?

Wine racks are an integral part of a wine cellar. They are where your wines will rest, and be allowed to mature properly. Subsequently, you want to make sure that your wine racks are made from durable materials, so that your wine collection is kept safe. You also want it to be designed beautifully, so that you can flaunt your wines to your guests.

Wine racks in Vancouver, Canada can be made from a variety of materials, but the most popular material used is wood. Wooden wine racks are a trend in Canada, and the following are a few of the many reasons they are very popular:

1. Customizability of Wooden Wine Racks.

Wooden wine racks are a popular choice in Vancouver, Canada, because unlike other types of wine racks, they are easily customizable. You can start with a small wooden wine rack, and then, when your collection expands, you can add extra wine storage spaces, like diamond x bins, wine cubicles, or wine racks that match the existing racking. This easy customizability feature allows you to spend only on what you need at the moment. If you need to add more storage spaces, then you can invest in that later on.

2. Wooden Wine Rack Come in a Wide Array of Design Options.

There are various kinds of wood species to choose from for your wooden wine racks. Each wood type is different in color, style, durability, and cost. The most popular types of wood include Pine, Mahogany, and Redwood.

1. Pine.

Among the 3 most popular wood choices, Pine is the least expensive. It is also chosen because of its rustic appearance and the simplicity of its light vanilla color. When a stain or a finish is applied, more attractive colors are produced. It is also important to consider that Pine is light in weight and is moderately soft. It is known for having weak bending capacity and low show resistance. Pine is also known for frequent dimpling.

2. Mahogany.

Mahogany is one of the best choices of wood for wine racks because it is very durable. It is known for its prominent color schemes and takes stains very well. Mahogany is also known for its non-aromatic property. You won’t have to worry about any smell that might affect the flavor of your wines. There are many subspecies of Mahogany available, and the most popular ones are Genuine Mahogany, African Mahogany, and Malaysian Mahogany.

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